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Turkish Van Cat — 10 Comments

  1. I’m no expert on these but it looks more like a Van cat or an Angora than a Turkish Van cat as they usually have some ginger ears and tail.

      • In case you’re interested:

        Van cats are mostly white, sometimes have different coloured eyes and come from near lake Van in Turkey as you might expect.

        Turkish Van cats usually have the ginger extras but originated from 4 originals from various parts of Turkey and were first bred outside Turkey in the UK in the 1950’s. Apparently they are quite difficult to breed.

        The name Turkish Van cat is sort of like a trade name to distinguish them from Turkish Angora cats.

        The one I had just turned up one day and banged on the window and stayed. I wish I could have cloned it. I’d have made a fortune.

  2. I have two Turkish van cats. Bugs. and Zinny. they are sisters, and are with me all the time. they sleep together at the foot of my bed each night, and get me up at 4:30 AM for their breakfast. They will not leave the house, I can leave the door open, and they will look out but will not go out. They sit or lay in the room I`m in, always with me, if one sits on my lap, the other one will join in, so it`s quite a lap full. I love them and do enjoy them very much.

    • Hi Michael. You have a very close relationship – the three of you. I love to see that. Out of interest, did you choose to adopt a Turkish Van cat or was it an accident? Thanks for visiting and sharing and Happy Christmas.

      P.S. If you have a photo of your cats you can upload it into a comment. The instructions are below this box.

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  4. Michael,

    You have some false information.

    ”Evidence of Turkish Van type cats in carvings” – this evidence is seen only in text of cat fanciers. It’s unproven and very likely a nonsense created to popularize the breed.

    Same was with Roman shield, which had ”cat with ringed tail”and found in Louvre Museum. This is a lie, Louvre never had such a shield.

    ”I understand that this cat is bred in Turkey and the North of Iraq (Kurdistan) but the cat is treasured so export is restricted”.

    Please show me on the map where Kurdistan is found. There isn’t such a country, so why mention it?

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