Cat genetics white spotting

Strange bicolour cat

My book on cat genetics (Robinson’s) tells me that there are three kinds of white spotting. Actually, it includes the all-white cat within cats described as having white spotting but, in this article, I will describe the following three types, (a) piebald spotting (b) gloving and (c) brisket spots and lockets. The pure white …

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What kind of cat is Richard Kitty (on Instagram)?

Richard Kitty

Richard Kitty is one of the most popular Instagram cats. What is really nice about Richard is that he is a former shelter cat. He was rescued from a Los Angeles, California, USA, public shelter in 2012 when he was two-years-of-age, which makes him around 12-years-of-age as at the date of this post. His …

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Which cat breed is the most aggressive (beware of false information)?

Turkish Van

This article answers the question as to what single cat breed is the most aggressive but BEWARE of false information. Warning about studies on cat breed personality Before I attempt to answer the question in the title, I need to warn you that there is a plethora of false information on the Internet in …

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FROM dying runt TO handsome Turkish Van-type cat VIA amazing love and care

Stuart Little

The story of Stuart Little is one of human intervention in saving the life of a dying runt of a white cat and seeing him bloom into a handsome Van-type feline companion. When found he looked ghastly. He looked dead. His siblings were in better shape but all were crawling with fleas and had …

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