Jalaldeen Naseem abuses family cat on video and posts it to Facebook

Jalaldeen Naseem is a Sri Lankan man working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a house driver (sounds like he is a chauffeur).

In the video he is sitting in a rather plush room – is this the home of his employer, a Saudi Arabian?

He is horribly abusing a domestic cat by brutally manhandling it and slapping it. He is atagonising the cat and making him miserable and fearful.

This cat will be messed up by this. I don’t know if Jalaldeen Naseem’s employer knows about his cat abuse. If not, he should and he should sack the sh*t summarily.

What is clearly evident is that Jalaldeen Naseem is chronically uneducated and has no idea about animal welfare whatsoever.

This is his Facebook page.

This is the video. Let’s try and make him as miserable as he is making this poor cat.


The video has been reported to Facebook as being in violation of their rules. They disagree and have allowed the video to remain on their site:

“We reviewed your report of Jalaldeen Naseem’s video. Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. The account that posted this has been restored…..”

What the hell is going on? What do you need to do to be in violation of FB rules on animal abuse?

There are many webpages written by animal advocates which indicate to me that Facebook are accepting animal abuse on their website. This appalls many.

Facebook accept animal abuse on their site
Google search (page one) showing webpages discussion FB’s policy on animal abuse.
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

The Dodo.com says that FB have a history of leaving animal abuse images and videos on their site until pressed hard to remove them.

The FB guidelines don’t refer to animal cruelty apparently.

I tried searching for their rules and regulations regarding posting images et cetera and failed to find the information. You’d have thought it’d be readily available. There is a page on Rights and Responsibilities but that does mention animals at all. Perhaps there are no rules whatsoever on images (moving or still) of animals.

I hate to say it but the more I know of Facebook the more I dislike them. They are a danger to animals.

My thanks to Elisa for finding this and telling me about it.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

Useful tag. Click to see the articles: Cat behavior

30 thoughts on “Jalaldeen Naseem abuses family cat on video and posts it to Facebook”

  1. Michael_You are well respected in your field and deserve far more credit than you receive for
    all you have done to help Gods creatures.
    Have a Great Day.
    _Eva say’s

  2. When it comes to muzzies abusing an animal I will speak out and to bloody fecking hell with the repercussions,one thing I learned being and now the former co-founder for stopcrush we got alot of horrible images/videos from crushers on our facebook page and we learned that for a page/images/videos to be disabled they have to be reported 250 times and I reposted a few more times on my page yesterday and only a couple of my 4,000 friends did,how pathetic!

  3. Betty_ Why are you lashing out? You sound like a negative entity. The adverse effects of cruelty towards animals and humans alike; stems from a sentient being who in fact harbors negativity themselves. If we do not see the injustices of this world_ How can we solve the problems within it. Do you think it is easy to post such atrocities. Well-it is ‘Not Easy’ to speak of nor to witness. Reality is a hard pill to swallow____
    Or would you prefer to keep our heads buried in the sand while bad things happen to innocent victims behind closed doors ?

  4. That POS SOB!!! I wish I had been the person walking past! I would have drop-kicked him in the head! That poor cat will never be the same after that kind of treatment. I am SOOOOOO angry!

    The only reason nothing is being done about this POS is because society has become Muslim-phobic. Everyone seems to be so afraid of offending a Muslim that they are allowed to do whatever they want regardless.

    I reported him too. If there are enough complaints, maybe facebook will do something about it.

    1. Everyone seems to be so afraid of offending a Muslim

      True, except for people like you and me 😉 I understand your anger because I felt the same. I deliberately used his name in the title in the hope that someone who can do something about it picks up the article. He needs to be taught a lesson.

    2. I have no problem offending muzzies,if they are offended then they can take their nasty dirty arses back to their mother land!

  5. Dear Michael_ you are not alone. After first viewing the film I wanted to stop watching; but as I became more outraged by this cruel and deranged man hurting and terrorizing this cat_well I can’t lie about it; I wanted him to be tortured and then killed. Even if the cat lives he has already suffered terribly, been slapped, thrown.tossed, swung in the air and had his tail { Spine ] wrenched and his joints almost dislocated not to mention he will never completely trust again and his sad little life is ruined, without any hope for redemption or happiness. I kept hoping this male cat would attack the mans face and neck and then run away from this house of horrors. But I think this animal was so shocked and traumatized that he became like a rag doll.I am soooo-angry. Eva

    1. I had a vision last night while lying in bed at 4 am. Naseem was tied down to the floor and this cat was tearing his face apart with his claws. I was watching and pleased. I want to really hurt him.

  6. Leave it to Elisa to find another example of cats being harmed to further her financial gains for herself. How does it feel, Michael, to be no better than Elisa in this regard?

    1. To what financial gains do you refer, Betty? If you are going to make such accusations please provide documentation. Otherwise you are simply trolling and your mudslinging will be ignored.

      1. Just ask Elisa how much money she gets from each Examiner article. Ask Michael how much money from ads he gets from this website……remainder deleted as insulting (Michael)

        1. p.s. Notice how often either of them talks about and promotes responsible pet-ownership? NEVER. They could STOP the suffering of ALL animals by doing so, but they need those animals to suffer to death for their own financial gain. Catching on yet? They don’t WANT to stop animals from suffering to death. Otherwise they’d have nothing left in their sorry excuses for lives.

        2. I’d be happy to answer that. The photo here is February 2015 earnings. I made $59.94 for 160 articles. I did have a decent month with the Kristen Lindsey articles, but that has died down for now. Since May 1 I’ve earned $30. Most months, once I take out for paying for my internet data I make anywhere from $1.10-$1.50 an article, but since I can usually do a lot, it at least covers my car insurance or cell phone bill if not most.

          I don’t do many articles on cat care because most of my articles are in getting shelter cats and dogs to safety and helping the rescues who save them raise funds. I also use Pinterest to promote these dogs and cats. No advertising, no nothing, no pay whatsoever for the Pinterest boards. I choose not to do animal care articles because 1)I’m not an expert 2) I choose to do what I feel does the most good and promoting shelter pets and rescues does. Here’s the Pinterest page. As you notice, there are MANY folders as I’ve done the shelter pets for a year now. https://www.pinterest.com/furbyshouse/

      1. Oh Michael, you’re so wrong. From what I’ve heard the other idiot trollers hate him as well. He tarnishes the whole trolling image.

    2. Why are ye even here Betty,I’ve known Elisa for a few yrs now and wot ye are alleging is bullshit,why dont ye do something more constructive other than slagging people who actually care about animals especially cats,go away!

      Michael please ban this twit!

    3. Jim, you will lay off Elisa right now! I’m sick of it!
      Don’t underestimate me. I know too much.

  7. That video was awful. Very distressing to watch. I hope the poor cat can find a way to escape from the clutches of that monster.

    I’ve also flagged this video to FB. I know they’re ignoring all reports of animal cruelty, but I refuse to give up trying.

    1. It is horrible but you know the uneducated, insensitive behavior of this person reflects the behavior of many millions of people on the planet. It is almost as if this man feels that the cat is being disobedient and needs to be punished. It is pure ignorant arrogance.

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