Jerry the Cozy Chartreux Sleeps Like a Turkey!

Jerry the Cozy Chartreux Sleeps Like a Turkey!

by Amy Fike
(Atlanta GA )

Jerry Garcia -

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Jerry Garcia -

Jerry was adopted last thanksgiving, with his little sister, when their Mother was hit by a car. We estimated their age at about 4.5 weeks and their BDAy we set at Nov 4, 2008. They will be 1 year old soon. Both Jerry and China have been loved dearly and completely since the first minute I met them..

They are extremely loving in return, simply want to be loved and give love back. They bonded with me, their human right away. Jerry began to beg to go out. The other cats paraded around in his yard and he just had to get out there.

At around 6 months he escaped out the old doggy door by moving the 20lb box of cat litter I had placed in front of it. He and China had been spending the better part of their days outside on their screen porch. I finally gave in, after getting them shots and spayed and neutered, and let them play outside during the day and so far have gotten them in around dark.

Jerry has turned in to quite the hunter. He has wiped out the mole population on this dead end street. Now he is working on catching those plumped up chip monks preparing for the long winter in hibernation.

Both kittys bring home small animals and often after the animal hides they loose interest, and their captured treasure gets away, STILL in the house.

Jerry has a great way of sleeping. He really likes to sleep flat down all the way with his chest on a blanket. His arms are out to the side and his elbows up. I took a little flip film of it. Please let me know if you can't see it - and I will try to send a few pictures.

AmyJerry the Cozy Chartreux Sleeps Like a Turkey! to Chartreux Cat

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Jerry the Cozy Chartreux Sleeps Like a Turkey!

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Oct 18, 2009 Video
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Amy. Thanks for sharing. Jerry is terribly cute in the photo. If you have video (Flip), you might be able to send me the file at this email address:

mjbmeister [at]

change the [at] to @

or if you have a YouTube account for example you can embed the code in a comment on this page and that will work fine.

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