Julian Assange’s cat removed from the Ecuadorian embassy

On the threat by Ecuador of putting Julian Assange’s cat in a pound, he has asked his lawyer to remove the cat from the embassy to be re-homed with his family.

Assange with his cat
Assange with his cat. Photo in public domain.
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Julian Assange’s legal team member, Hannah Jonasson, said, “They will be united in freedom”.

You may remember that quite recently Julian Assange had problems with his cat because the Ecuadoran embassy claimed that his standard of cat care was inadequate. They made several demands upon him because he had become a “stone in our shoe”.

New housekeeping rules were created including relating to the “… well-being, food, hygiene and proper care [of the cat].”

Assange’s position at the embassy has become somewhat precarious since last year when Ecuador elected President Lenin Moreno.

Assange is terrified that if he left the embassy he’ll be arrested and extradited to America where he’s certain he would end up in a maximum security prison the rest of his life, which is why he suffers self-imposed imprisonment at the Ecuadorian embassy, which is just opposite the famous Harrods in the centre of London.

If we’re honest, it’s a good thing that Assange has given up his young cat because his lifestyle at the embassy was far from ideal. The cat was a gift and supposed to keep him company but it didn’t work out.

The Twitter sphere reacted with shock claiming that “They took his embassy cat” and “Is nothing sacred?”

Apparently the atmosphere at the embassy had deteriorated, which if true, is unsurprising. The Ecuadorian diplomat at the embassy always supported the WikiLeaks founder but apparently he was removed and the atmosphere has since changed.

There’s always one wag who is able to make fun of a news and in this case they write, “Assange’s cat knows too much. We need to make sure he’s protected.”

He got out. Is Assange going to make it too?

Assange’s lawyer is fighting hard for him:

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