Korat Cat Breeders (world list)

In compiling this list of breeders I learnt two things (a) the source is very fragmented and I don’t claim to have gathered all the fragments together to make a complete list, just a list that is as good as I can make in 5 hours of work! Yes, about 5 hours and (b) there are a lot of Korat cat breeders in Finland; proportionally a lot more than one would expect. Is this because this cat breed is blue (or grey depending how you look at it).

Korat cat

Korat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The Korat is similar to the Russian Blue and the Russian Blue originates from a place near Finland, in Russia.

The Korat is one of the grey cat breeds. You can read about them here: Grey cat breeds. But are breeders making the Russian Blue white!?

I also learnt that The Interational Cat Association have no breeders of the Korat cat listed on their site and the Cat Fanciers Association has 2. The two biggest cat associations in the USA have two cat breeders listed.

There is no doubt that this cat breed is more popular in Europe and most popular of all in Finland. I feel that the European Korat is generally less extreme than the United States Korat.

The sources for the above list are as follows:

  • http://www.nba-catclub.co.uk/nba_breeder_links.htm#Korats
  • Kitty Sites
  • http://www.acfacat.com/korat.htm
  • Korat Cat Association
  • http://www.breedlist.com/breeders/kor.html
  • http://www.kittysites.com
  • CFA
  • TICA – no breeders listed
  • ACFA
  • The Korat Cat Association of Finland

I am particularly indebted to the Korat Cat Association in the UK and the Korat Cat Association of Finland. The work on this list is not complete. This is an ongoing project. If you can help please email me. Details on this page. The photograph is by Mary-Lynn. The original on Flickr can be seen here.

Korat Cat Breeders to Korat Cat

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  1. Aha! So my ex-wife posted the shot I took on Flicker and now it’s out in the wild under a CC license. Which totally isn’t your problem. Thanks for the explanation, though.


  2. Hello! The photo you have that is representative of the Korat breed is one that I took in late 2008 of the new addition to my family, Tess (who was terrified and hanging out in the washroom: that was the back of my shower). Don’t worry; I’m not asking you to take it down, but I’m a bit curious how a photo that I took ended up on your website


    • If you scroll down the page you’ll see a link to the original photo on Flickr. 99.99% of the time that I use Flickr photos I link back to the original as requested. Thanks for visiting and sharing. You kindly grant a license for people to use your photos under creative commons. Thank you.



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