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Last Chance Cat Ranch Suffers Devastating Loss — 10 Comments

  1. I feel so badly for you Elizabeth and no one here should judge you for how many you had. They’d have to go thru Michael our site owner if anyone said anything negative. When our home caught on fire last year we found the majority under the bed or under a recliner. Without help from 5 neighbors some would have died. I agree the material things mean nothing. I wanted to do this article to warn people of how easily this can happen and also so they can help with vet bills. This is the most tragic story I’ve ever had to cover.

  2. Thank you to everyone for the support given. My home was the main foster home for The Last Chance Cat Ranch which is a not for profit society registered in Alberta. I am not the owner, but the President/Founder of the rescue. We have over 40 foster homes in Lethbridge and area. We have over 100 cats in our rescue. We have an adopotion centre at Park Ur Paws, which is a dog boarding/grooming facility. The majority of our fosters have one or two cats. Currently survivors who need foster are in homes with several other cats. My home had all of the old ones, blind, deaf and a couple that had difficulty walking. They ranged in age from 2 to 20…one 2 year old with IBS, one 5 year old with health issues due to improper vet care when she was a kitten…don’t go to that vet anymore! 15 cats over the age of 12; 20 between 8 and 12; total of 63 at the house. 24 bodies were taken to the crematorium last Saturday, only a few were identifiable. Sweetie the blind cat, Matilda who had difficulty walking and Aurora who was deaf perished…although someone has seen a long haired white cat in the neighbourhood…could be Aurora or Minnou…there could be more out there terrified and hiding. They were not outdoor cats. We had a huge outdoor enclosure built off the back of the house that they had access to, equipped with furniture…they were happy cats. At no time did I ever want to have that many in my house, however, nobody wanted to adopt them due to their age. Some were booked for euthanasia due to health issues and sadly perished in the fire. The fire was electrical, apparently started in the attic. My son had fallen asleep in the living room in front of the television. He got our dogs out and threw cats out the doors and windows….many came back inside as they did not know the outside…some went into the basement to get away from the smoke…they went into the crawl space and then couldn’t get out….it was horrific…will haunt me for the rest of my life..now it is one step at a time…one day at a time…I couldn’t care less about the material objects that went in the fire..it is all just stuff…the cats are what matters.

  3. I will donate when I get my check in May this is a loss everyone can feel around the world and for you both to have helped so many now it is our turn to give some of that love and help back. GOD BLESS

  4. I wish I could have found an accurate number on how many cats died. Different sources have different figures. The Catster article said 60 lived in the house and the LCCR page told of 80 death. I imagine it’s a mix of hell and chaos and it’s good they have a lot of help. The vet bills will likely be quite high. Insurance will cover a lot for the structure and personal possessions.

  5. Thank you Elisa for posting the contact info. Situations like this can put the biggest, toughest men on their knees. I know when my Cinder was brought to me badly burned, I literally wanted to throw up. Bad memory.

  6. From what I’ve read the cause is unknown. I did read it should never have happened and they were asking if anyone reading about it was an electrician. As in a circuit breaker should have tripped.

    • I really think we need to have a handle on this. I don’t want to dig up problems but if the wiring was defective some blame lies with the building’s owner. Was this a private facility? Perhaps building regulations should apply to a private cat rescue facility? We need to prevent it happening again.

      Despite that I empathize with the owner as well as the cats.

  7. Tragic, really. As soon as I have some funds in my PayPal account I’ll donate some which is probably the best way to do from abroad.

    I don’t know whether this teaches us something about running a cat sanctuary. It may have been just bad luck. Do we know the cause of the fire? That would seem to be important.

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