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Machete-Wielding Serial Cat Killer’s Existence Realised after Seven Years — 9 Comments

  1. SNARL? Oddly no search turns up that group. Perhaps Gail/Woody and Boudicca Rising are buddies. Reasonable to believe the story if several cats over time have been returned with body parts missing. Due to the fact many ethnic groups in the area do not view animals as sentient beings,you could be right Michael.

  2. The subject which delves into animal abuse is often based in half truths; due to the nature of the beast [human emotion tends to build upon the story until a rumor takes on a new life; changing the original content. We each acting as responsible adults should do our research and then be allowed to form our own conclusions. Rumors run rampant; but the original facts always remain as truth in the final synopsis.

  3. Hi This is Boudicca from SNARL. Unfortunately, this statement (which is untrue) has appeared in a number of press articles. We said that one of the wounds looked like it could have been caused by a machete. There is no indication that any of the other cats were attacked using one (the opposite in fact). Serial animal abusers (particularly those who go on to attack humans) tend to be in the age range of 20 – 40 and overwhelmingly, white. So this killer is way more likely to be white than black.

        • Are you nuts? Michael is so desperate to replenish his drastically dwindling web-traffic to line his own pockets (by exploiting suffering animals) that he’ll do everything in his power to retain any potential ad-revenue click-bait, no matter how outlandish of a lie or misinformed it might be. He even publishes articles from some members (i.e.: Elisa Black-Taylor, Irish, et al) that have clearly proved themselves to be manipulative liars in the past and continue to do so. Look at the rest of his articles. Nearly all of them fall into those categories. Every last one has some misinformed our blatantly deceptive and manipulative lie in them.

          This site has less credibility than anything on the net.

          Then he wonders why people have left in droves after a few reads. LOL I love it! 🙂

          • Please remove this incorrect assumption from this blog post. Your silence on the matter is not being viewed with any favour and whilst I have not been aware of this blog before now so am not experienced enough to comment on the poster above’s view, your silence on the matter is not helping. Please do not think that by creating an argument your web traffic will increase. It won’t because we won’t be sharing it unlike some of the other media we have shared.

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