Scarlet Blake has cat microchip in her chest and identified as a cat despite killing one brutally

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake had a cat microchip inserted in her chest and identified as a feline. A lot has been written about Scarlet Blake recently particularly by the Mail Online. A lot of rather ugly details have emerged. She’s recently been found guilty at a UK criminal trial for her murder of …

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An MP in the Croydon area is urging for police to reopen UK cat mutilation investigation

cat mutilation deaths

An MP in the Croydon, UK area is urging for police to reopen the Croydon cat killer/mutilation investigation. As many as 400 cats were reported mutilated or killed in and around south London since November 2015. Metropolitan Police closed their three-year investigation, Operation Takahe, in 2018. Six cases needed a more thorough investigation but …

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San Jose man convicted of abusing and killing 21 cats sentenced to 16 years in prison

The case of the San Jose cat killer ended this week with a sentence to 16 years in prison for killing 21 cats and sexually abusing a dead cat. This PoC article from 2015 will give the readers a bit of background on the case. On July 14, Robert Roy Farmer, 26 was credited …

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Serial cat torturer and killer must be punished to the maximum the law allows

Serial cat killer

The time has come for the judge to punish Robert Farmer, a notorious cat torturer and killer who pleaded guilty to all 21 counts felony counts of animal cruelty which took place in a quiet San Jose neighbourhood last year. Good people are campaigning to put polite pressure on the judge, the Honorable Judge …

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Does US reality star Ryan Edwards hate and kill cats or is he just trying to get attention?

Ryan Edwards

I had never heard of Ryan Edwards until know. He was the fiancé of Maci Bookout (great name!) who was one of four stars of the USA reality TV show 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom. It appears to be a show which explores teenage motherhood and the pressures that come from it. Ryan showed indifference …

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Student murdered a well-known cat so he could feel better he said

Chan attacked by mob

They say that gross animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against people. I think it applies very strongly in this instance. A 24-year-old student from Macau living in Taipei, Taiwan brutally killed a tabby cat belonging to a vegetarian restaurant owner because he said that he was in a bad mood. He wanted …

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Machete-Wielding Serial Cat Killer’s Existence Realised after Seven Years

For about seven years it appears that a serial cat killer has been going about his business with a machete in south-east London, UK. Only now have people realised that the reports of butchered, missing and injured cats are probably linked. Despite that, the local police force have decided that the most recent victim …

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Businessman spent £10,000 hiring a private detective to find the killer of his daughter’s kitten

Neil Tregarthen, from Truro, Cornwall felt compelled to spend £10,000 on a private detective to investigate the air gun shooting of his daughter’s black cat, Farah, in Burnt House Lane, Exeter, because the Devon and Cornwall police were disinterested in properly investigating the crime. The police deny this and say they have investigated fully. …

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