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Maine Coon cat breeders: an instructive story of buying from a breeder — 4 Comments

  1. Mr A is a known kitten mill, despised by breeders. For years he sold sick kittens. People reported his dirty conditions.
    He looks like a low life.Glad he’s out of it.
    I know because I used to be an award winning breeder. Unfortunately cat organizations do not police breeders no matter how bad.

    • He’s not out of it. He’s still breeding under smokensilvermcs on Kiji and running under the name James Atkinson – and yes, his breeding facilities were quite appalling and the kitten we got was filthy and in terrible condition.

      • He is still in it. The kitten I bought is 8 months old and I honestly believe they have had no human contact at all. He is renting an apt in Toronto. 6-7 kitten/cats caged, with 2-3 per cage. All Ranging from 6-8 months of age. So he said. I will find out more from my vet. I believed him when he said these are the ones that he has not sold because of moving and him going on vacation. A few had eye problems . Scratched or infected from something. They all looked scared, filthy and their hair was matted. He had 1 black male loose with 3-4 females loose running around. I have never bought a cat before. So at the time, I thought it was weird but honestly I believed him. I was excited to get a Maine coon at such a low price. He said it was low because he never got them
        Sold due to moving and going on vacation. I never even paid attention to the apt. Thinking back, The floor was severely dirty and there was no furniture. Just cages. I honestly never thought about it at the time. I took my cat and left. The whole way home, the conditions of the cats in the cages were horrible and hissing at me if I reached out to them. One actually scared me. Not much of a smell. The more I was Thinking about it the more it felt off. Wrong. Very wrong. Then, My head kept thinking what is going to happen to those cats. I can not believe this! He even apologized for the boxes. With working 12 hr shifts he said he had not been able to unpack. I still never really paid attention. I was just looking at all the different cats. When I got home, my cat would come near me. I do not think it has ever been petted. I wanted to brush him but nope he became violent . He is 8 months old and I think he is like a wild cat. I think he has been caged up since he was born. I was told he had his first shots but I doubt it. So in the end I left my boy in a room with his litter food and water. I will do everything I can to bring this cat back to life and to feel loved. Wish me luck. I am so sorry, I did not know any of this happened. Not here. I feel so horrible. Maybe me bringing this guy back to be a happy cat well loved and spoiled will relieve my quilt.

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