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  1. I lost my 13 year old female maine coon in November. She was my constant companion. It’s now February and I still mourn losing her. She was small-only 12 pounds when she died at the vets from a stroke and brain hemorrhage. She had all of the Maine coon attributes. I never let her out. I need her so much.

  2. Hi Michael, I appreciate what ever you can do for me. I am so sorry to that he was so sick, and had no idea. He was my baby, the love of my life and he was always with me, and hardly ever left me side. What ever you can do is appreciated. Shellie Brown

  3. I had a Main Coon Kitten, which I adopted from the Women’s Humane Society, 6 years ago and he was the love of my life. Taught him how to talk, ate with me, slept in bed with me and loved him like he was my baby. In February of this year, he got sick, was losing his fur, stopped eating and drinking, and his organs were shutting down/ I miss him like crazy and he bought me a lot of joy and happiness, and 5 months before he passed, my husband died from Parkinson’s Disease. Life has been very difficult for me, and life continues. I have a black & white tux, Sammie and he missed Bailey too. Do you know where I can get a kitten Main Coon. Lost without my Bailey. Thank you for your time and maybe can help me. Cordially, shellie32@verizon.net

    • Hi Shellie. Very sorry to read your story. I’ll try and do some research tomorrow for you to see if I can come up with something.

  4. HI, I love the pic of your maine coon kitten, it helped us a lot. We found a rescue kitten on the highway, and have been puzzling over his long, almost down-like fur ever since, but he doesn’t match the typical breed guidlines. I suspect a mix, but he looks a lot like your kitten, so thank you! We can finally figure out some reason behind his odd fur. And he is happy and well adjusted now, we have named him Wookie in honor of his fluff 🙂

    • I am pleased you have found a kitten you love and he is pleased that you found him as he has a home. It’s a win-win. What surprises me is the number of kittens found by the highway. It seems to be a habit to dump unwanted kittens out of cars.

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