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Man Allows His Hounds to Terrorise Trapped Cat. No Crime — 3 Comments

  1. It is easy to see the discrimination presented with cat cruelty. If a dog was in that cage and tortured or Mr Hunts Feral Cats For Fun was offing loose and stray dogs the internet would be on fire. Much like the reaction of a veterinarian killing our precious Kitten would have been completely different if it had been a dogs she was killing with her negligence.
    We were at the check out at PetSmart a few years ago when a POS with his huge aggressive Husky went over and was letting it terrorize the cats in cages. He was wearing that moronic grin the feral cat killer has and looking at people for approval. I helped him out by explaining very loudly what a f”””” POS he was.

  2. My experience and from what I’ve read, police officers and street thugs are too often the flip side of the same coin. City council members are just business people who like to tell others what to do. This is why animals are not considered better by them.

    • Very nicely described Albert. Thanks. I agree of course. There is not a lot of underlying difference between the police and criminals! That may sound extreme but I believe it.

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