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Is It Legal to Shoot Feral Cats in Wisconsin? — 27 Comments

  1. Do you think because some paper says it’s illegal to whack a cat that’s going to save it’s life? Really? That happens only in your dreams. You could have an entire library saying it’s illegal. Keep your cats indoors.

  2. In the country, keep cats indoors. Many, many people shoot all cats on sight–that’s all cats with the emphasis on “all”. Or, they’ll trap them and dispose of them later. Outside is the most dangerous place for your cat. To insure a long life for your cat, keep them indoors.

  3. Here’s the newest family member ! — We call it “Flatty” — We don’t believe in the use of firearms to alleviate the feral pests ! — 2006 Cat Cb224e 46 ” Diesel Double Drum Vibrator work MUCH BETTER !

      • Keep your cat inside and on your own property and maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about it, it’s tragic I know, and it isn’t easy to shoot what many consider to be man’s companion but… With how detrimental they are toward environments and how they kill for sport, yeah I’d say it’s fair to consider that some people may respond as such. I know for me I used to have a lot of birds that would visit my moms property a fee years back, a year ago a neighbor with a cat he lets outdoor a lot arrived and slowly species of birds began to stop, with the Pigeons, then the Blue Jays, then the Robins, it is sad.

        • Yep, I know there is a big discussion about keeping cats indoors. But beware of the information about cats killing billions of birds and other prey animals. They are estimates and aren’t necessarily accurate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. No Law Against It = Legal – Comment from Admin: this statement is pure rubbish. It should be ignored. I have published it in the name of freedom of speech but…BS it is…

    Too bad you don’t know how hunting laws work. Laws can only deny you from hunting specific animals protected under laws. If there are no laws against it it makes it perfectly legal. If you take into account all invasive-species laws, then it is not only legal, but a mandatory act and civil duty to kill all stray cats to protect the fragile environment and all native species from ignorant and biased pavement-brained eco-terrorists like yourself.

    Just because you desperately want to believe something is illegal doesn’t make it so. If you’re not going to curtail stray cat populations then everyone else will do it for you, using means that you don’t seem to enjoy. Just like you often claim that it is illegal for people to trap cats and dispose of them. If that were true then no TNR practitioner anywhere on earth could legally trap stray cats anywhere and do with them what they want. There are no laws against it so it makes it perfectly legal to trap stray cats and do with them whatever you want. All agreed-upon hunting and lethal trapping methods also apply to cats.

    The sooner you start to comprehend this and accept the reality of your world, the sooner you can start saving cats from being shot to death or trapped in lethal traps, by educating your fellow cat-ass morons on how to keep your vermin cats out of lethal traps and out of the path of loaded guns — by cat supporters containing them on their OWN property. It’s the only way to save the lives of your vermin cats.

    Whinging about them being shot and poisoned to death for decades now doesn’t seem to be stopping that from happening, now does it. No, the few cases you actually hear about are increasing daily, because you and all just like you won’t do one damn thing to stop throwing cats to their certain deaths. You might just as well run over cats with your cars yourself or feed them antifreeze yourself so someone else doesn’t have to do it for you so you can just whinge about it your whole pathetic and irresponsible life.

    Grow the fuck-up, you immature addle-brained twat.


      I have spoken to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources twice you idiot and they say that it is illegal to shoot feral cats in Wisconsin. Read the article again. Moron. I am correct and you are dreaming.

      • Try calling them back, say you’re a farmer and have a problem with feral cats. Then ask if it okay to shoot feral cats on your property. You’ll likely get a very different answer.

    • You are a douchebag. I don’t understand how people like you get to walk around freely and spread your cruelty to innocent animals. FUCK YOU.

  5. It’s perfectly legal to shoot feral cats in Wisconsin. They are not listed as a protected species by the DNR. According to the WDNR small game regulations all wild mammals that are not specifically mentioned in hunting, trapping, and migratory game bird regulations and also not listed as endangered, threatened, or protected are considered unprotected species. Unprotected species can be harvested all year, with no bag limits.


    The only reason a feral cat-hunting season wasn’t enacted into law is because the governer at the time vetoed it, against the wishes of the people.

    • The Wisconsin Small Game Hunting Regulations 2017

      These are lengthy but the core text states that unprotected species means “all other wild mammals not specifically mentioned…..” – unprotected species can be hunted with a license.

      Feral cats are not mentioned as unprotected. The feral cat is often a feral domestic cat. They are often semi-feral and frequently tame and domesticated. They are not wild mammals. They are often not born in the wild but in homes. It is impossible to describe feral cats as wild mammals in the conventional sense. Therefore they are not unprotected species under these regulations. Therefore they are not animals that can be hunted under these regulations.

  6. Instead of asking this of Wisconsin laws in the USA, you might want instead to ask this of the laws in the UK that make shooting cats 100% legal. If you let others know how and why their cats are being shot to death legally right where you live, maybe you could convince some cat-owners to keep their cats from being shot to death legally. But you don’t really care about that. Or you would already be doing just that without question.

    Your site thrives on articles about flattened kitties. Whatever would become of you and your site if you didn’t have dead-cats to exploit.


    “… feral cats which can legally be shot as a pest control method.”


    Lists the feral house-cat for open season hunting, year round, no license required in the UK.

    • Your comment is ridiculous. You clearly do not know anything about UK law. It is 100 percent illegal and criminal to shoot cats in the UK under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and other acts. I can’t be bothered to read the rest of your comment because as stated it is a meaningless, stupid attempt to criticise my article but which has failed miserably.

      • I suggest you write to the hundreds of sites online in the UK that describe how and why your UK cats are being shot to death legally. Maybe you can convince them how “right” you are. 🙂

      • I appreciate your efforts to try to talk some sense into people. Some people will never have any sense. I agree with everything you have said.

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