Monumental rescue effort saving cats and dogs destined for China’s meat markets

Jeffrey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind poses with a rescued golden retriever that will taste freedom for the first time

Like others I expect, I am immensely impressed by the monumental effort of Jeffrey Beri and his team at the New York-based No Dogs Left Behind charity in rescuing dozens of cats and dogs in China where they were destined to be brutally tortured, then eaten. They were flown from China to New York. …

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Activists fight back against nauseating Chinese cat snuff film gang

Li with face smeared with shit

This mysterious Chinese gang of cat torturers and killers has garnered a lot of comment and discussion on the Internet because they are so disgustingly horrendous. The things that they get up to are mindbogglingly horrific. But their activities are shrouded in mirrors and smoke with different names in different stories. I have written …

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Winograd’s excoriating criticism of Los Angeles Animal Services (infographic)

Los Angeles Animal Services volunteers say that cat rooms are mostly empty because the cats are turned away and abandoned and fed across the street!

In an article by Nathan Winograd published 8 March 2024, he criticises in the strongest possible terms the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and the six city shelters (pounds) run by it. He is particularly critical of Jake Miller the volunteer coordinator for LAAS. Winograd says that Miller emailed the volunteers to say that …

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23 Congress members cite White Coat Waste Project in a letter to NIH urging them to support alternatives to harmful animal testing

Siamese cat used in NIH animal testing

The White Coat Waste Project is once again at the heart of demanding (I think that is the correct word in this instance) that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) find alternatives to the cruel animal testing in which they are engaged. The letter states that these Congress members from both sides of the …

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The inventor of the Felixer, a device which poisons feral cats, is misleading the public

The Felixer is a fiendish device devised by Dr. John Read, the founder of Thylation. The Felixer is a green box which jets out a poison called 1080 in the form of a gel at 50 metres per second. The idea is that when a feral cat walks past this green box it detects …

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Pet owners are submitting their cats to cosmetic surgery to give them cartoonish Mickey Mouse ears

Surgical instrument to ostensibly surgically alter the shape of cat eats for cosmetic purposes in China

Is this story true? If it is true, it’s not good. We know that some breeders change the shape of their dog’s ears; called ear-cropping but this does not happen with cats except for feral cats under TNR programmes in which the top 20% of the left ear flap is removed surgically. The Mail …

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