Every bastard who posts animal abuse on social media needs to go down like this

Richardson and Chester

A judge has handed down sentencing to a violent animal abuser. Ultimately this is a happy ending story and I like stories which end happily. Richmond County District Attorney Michael E McMahon declared that Tryike Richardson has been handed down … please continue reading

Large number of animals seized after complaint of abandonment at mall pet store

A large number of animals were seized at West Edmonton Mall after a complaint of animal abandonment came into Edmonton Humane Society. A press release was issued February 27 with details about the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada animals now in their … please continue reading

Sandy Pines Recreational Community kick allegation of cat cruelty into the long grass

Park Ranger Allows Trapped Cat to Die in Trap

The most effective way to kill off a viral social media story which negatively impacts your business is to kick it into the long grass by declaring that you are investigating the matter. You take months and in the meantime social media fans have forgotten all about it. This is happening in this instance and it has happened many times before. please continue reading