Meet Pookie Cat: The Ambassador for Special Needs Kitties

There’s a new cat in town! Have you heard about the PookieCat Brand? If you haven’t, let me introduce this amazingly popular orange kitty featured in their brand; whose mission in life is advocating for special needs cats. And while his motto may be “LAUGH at LIFE!” he also has a very serious side; especially when it comes to these incredible kitties. In fact, PookieCat is an ambassador for all “special needs” cats’ adoption.

Pookie Cat The Ambassador for Special Needs Kitties
Pookie Cat: The Ambassador for Special Needs Kitties
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PookieCat’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Rumors have it that this colorful, comical character already has thousands of adoring worldwide fans of all ages; with lots of new fans jumping onboard every second. Founded in late 2013, his Facebook page, to keep it fresh, is updated every day with new content. The site is chockfull of fascinating information, feline fun and humor. It has already received close to 9,000 “likes”. So if you are craving to have your funny bone tickled, drop on over, “like” it, and join in the divertissement.

The Pookie Cat Brand is based in Europe. What began mainly as a comical image, the brand blossomed within two years and continues to grow exponentially. Folks can’t seem to get enough of Pookie’s style of humor and his laid-back philosophy of life.

Having great ambitions for the Pookie Cat brand’s success, the brand’s chief marketing officer, Etienne Van Bruggen said,

“The overall plan is to build Pookie Cat into one of the world’s largest beloved Brands.”

But what’s getting even more exciting for the folks at Pookie Cat Brand is their hugely successful transition from the Internet to the offline world. Items that are catching their customers’ eyes are their colorful Pookie Cat Calendars, postcards, mugs, t-shirts, books and cross-stitch sets. Keep your eyes out for some of their new licensing projects such as stationary, plush toys and many more interesting items. With their energetic approach to marketing their brand, every aspect of each of the Pookie Cat brand campaigns is monitored in detail. (hint- they make great gifts)

This said, most importantly, PookieCat feels that all cats are special, and need to be loved and treasured. For just a second imagine what life would be like without at least one cat or two (or even more), sharing your home and heart. What would life be like without the gentle touch of a paw on your face or not being able to hear that loud, resonating purr telling you that you are loved? ? After all; who best can chase away your doldrums; turning it into laughter than a cat’s silly antics ?

Pookie Cat is extremely concerned about the huge number of cats languishing in shelters waiting to be adopted. But what troubles him the most are the special needs kitties who are almost aways overlooked. These are the cats who may have behavior problems, need special medical care and are elderly. Pookie Cat knows that when we open our hearts to a special needs cat, the boundless love they return to us is astounding. These cats appreciate the love and attention that they receive from people who truly adore and understand them. Perhaps this is because they possess that uncanny ability to sense our feelings.

Check out the special cats awaiting placement, in fur-ever loving homes. The site will be adding new cats as soon as they are listed.

Meet Pookie Cat up close and purrsonal by watching the video uploaded to YouTube by PookieCat.

Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family; the ones who appreciate and love special needs kitties. That will be sure to delight Pookie Cat.

What is it about special needs kitties that makes them outstanding pets? Tell us in a comment.


Photo credit: Pookie Cat – Used with permission

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12 thoughts on “Meet Pookie Cat: The Ambassador for Special Needs Kitties”

  1. (Yes, it’s really me and I’m cleared to come back, slowly!) Love Pookie Cat’s mission statement and agree 100% that EVERY cat and kitten deserves a loving, caring FOREVER home. Let’s get it done! >^^<

  2. Interesting that this Pookie and our Pookie were involved with disabilities. Our Pookie is in heaven now but he was a special needs boy. He had to have his hind leg amputated due to a terrible home situation where he was abused.
    Pookie Cat is adorable and I hope he is a success. Thanks for introducing him to us.

  3. wow lovely to see a special wee cat for special needs im always for cats with special needs or disabiltiies as just like human cats can be like this too. )))

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    This is good news for special needs cats and the best of it is that Pookie isn’t a real cat being exploited like Grumpy Cat is.
    Special needs cats can often be passed over in favour of cats with no health problems and it’s sad because they deserve a loving home as much as any other cat.
    I love the poster 🙂

  5. I have not seen Pookie. Thank you for introducing me! As far as special needs kitties go I have had several over the years. I adopted a 14 year old declawed ginger male who had post declaw issues that needed special attention. I adopted a 15 year old IBD kitty who actually didn’t have IBD but rather intestinal lymphoma. She did well with treatment and lived with us for 3 more years. We have a 16 year old Persian with IBD who is responding well to diet. We adopted a 5 year old tuxedo girl who needs medication for her IBD. She is also FIV+ and completely deaf. We also adopted a 5 year old girl who has dermatological issues that are responding well to our care. We also adopted a 3 year old cat with attitude issues and a broken pelvis that was an old injury. He has been with us for ten years now and is a love as long as he lives in his own room. 🙂 We also adopted a tuxie girl (who is now 10) who has eye issues and deformed legs. We also adopted a 12 year old declawed female with post declaw issues that did remarkably well once we changed her litter and got her on pain medication. Sadly, she succumbed to heart disease that we were unaware of until after we adopted her. The echocardiogram we did showed that she was beyond successful treatment, but we had 9 wonderful months with her. We also adopted an 18 year old female from a shelter after her owner had died. She had renal disease and heart disease and it was also discovered that she had several tumors in her chest. We shared 284 precious days with her. It is because of her that my husband and I have decided to adopt seniors from now on so they can live out the rest of their golden years in a home rather than in a shelter. We are opening our home to another 18 year old ginger girl next month since the owners have to relocate out of the country due to work situations. They are afraid she won’t make the trip and quarantine so we are going to let her live out the rest of her life with us. What can I say….we are suckers for the special needs babies. 🙂

  6. I really like Pookie. I am in full support of anything that entertains special need kitties, and he seems to fit the bill nicely.

  7. I am very impressed with Pookie. I like him because he has a mission which is to help special-needs cats and I am particularly attracted to that sort of goal. Would you call Pookie a cartoon cat? He seems to be to me but I’m not sure whether I can call him a cartoon cat.

    I’m very impressed with the graphics, the video is great, Facebook is doing well with lots of Likes and I wish you the best of luck. The marketplace in celebrity cat is quite crowded, though. You got to keep advertising and pushing.

    In fact, the whole Internet is very competitive these days and being good or even excellent does not guarantee success. I’m am sure you’ll continue to do well.

    1. Thank you so much Michael! I guess PookieCat is not really a cartoon cat… he was born about two years ago and started from the funny illustration to cheer myself up in a tough period of the life. Turned out it was cheering up not only me and illustrations were spreading through internet with enormous speed. About a year later we got invited to Moscow by company that bought License for the illustrations for craft packages.

      Later competition was done for naming (than still just a “cat with attitude”) the Cat. Its when Pookie was born.

      We are happy to be loved by so many fans around the world. But even more we are happy we can bring awareness for a special needs cats. We share adoption stories as well, because we hope it will encourage others to consider adopting from the shelter instead of buying a new kitten.

      1. Hi Maria. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I’m glad you like the article and I’m very impressed with your creation. You are very talented. I just visited one of your other websites to try and discover who you were 😉 I found out that you might be a Russian lady (but your name indicates otherwise – Belgium, Dutch?) who appears to have travelled quite a lot. Can you tell us in which country you live at the moment? Thank you for allowing Jo to write an article about your PookieCat.

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