How to relate to an abused cat

How to help an abused cat recover

Photo by Gini~ The story of the cat above is briefly as follows. This is a female Persian cat (what I would call an Ultra Persian – extreme face – and could be purebred) that the owner kept in the … please continue reading

The Woman Who Refused to Give up on an Angry Cat: Sarah’s Story

Angry tabby Cat

Patience and plenty of TLC can turn around an aggressive cat. It has happened many times. Often it concerns feral cats. In this instance a rescue cat became aggressive because of an unfortunate incident. It took patience, wisdom and commitment to get things back on track. please continue reading

What Mistakes Have You Made with Your Cats That You Regret?

Mistake in cat ownership

This is a big question. It is a complicated question. Mistakes with cat caretaking are more likely to occur under certain circumstances. Mistakes are also likely to occur within specific areas of cat caretaking. Obviously, mistakes are also more likely … please continue reading