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Cats don’t like changes, they like their familiar surroundings best and moving house can be a stressful time for them.

The main thing is to stay as calm as possible around them as moving day approaches and to keep to their usual routine and pay them their usual attention, even while busy packing boxes etc.

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Put a blanket in the cat basket the cat will be transported in on moving day and leave the basket with the door open, somewhere handy so that he can sit in there if he wants to while preparations for the move are undwerway. He will then feel it’s familiar and safe when he has to be shut in to be taken to your new home.

On the day of the move, ensure the cat is in a room already emptied of the furniture you are taking, with the door closed, along with his bed, scratching post, food, water, toys and litter tray, before the removal men are due to arrive.

To be extra sure he will be safe, put a DO NOT OPEN notice on the outside of the door as well as telling the men that under no circumstances are they to open that door.

Never send a pet in the removal van.

Drive, or get a familiar person to him, to drive him and his posessions to the new house and to put him with them in a room, open the cat basket door and leave him safely closed in, again with a DO NOT OPEN notice on the outside of the door.

Leave the cat undisturbed until all the furniture is in place, the removal men have gone and the outer doors are closed and locked.

He can then come out when he’s ready to and safely explore his new home.

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May 14, 2012
fantastic NEW
by: Rose

I agree with Micheal about this pretty poster and hope it does appeal to children as well as adults.
I think children could benefit from the posters without the articles but really so can older people because the posters speak for themselves.
I admit pictures stick in my mind better than words.
I’m printing them all off for my kids.

May 11, 2012
Cracking little article NEW
by: Michael

Really nice article. Very precise, sensible and helpful. Also I think this is one of your best posters. Very..well…pretty and instructive at the same time. Can’t beat that.

Ruth, most of our visitors are in the age group 18-24 and 55-64 according to Alexa a highly innacurate (!) website monitoring service. But I hope because of your great posters that we are educating some younger people. If that is true I would be very pleased.

Thanks for the article.

May 11, 2012
Moving stresses cats NEW
by: Barbara

Very good advice and great poster as always Ruth, moving day is a dangerous time for any cat, if not kept safely in a closed room an indoor only cat could become panicked and dash out of an open door never to be seen again, or an indoor/outdoor cat could be panicked and dash away out to his usual haunts and stay there long after moving time has come and gone. There’s also the danger that a cat could climb into furniture such as bed drawers or or cupboards and become stuck, or injured without the caretaker realising it. After arriving at the new home it’s crucial to keep the cat safely confined for the same reasons, even an outdoor cat in strange territory can easily become lost, or bullied by the established neighbourhood cats. With cats and moving the mantra has to be slowly and carefully, be sure that your cat is thoroughly used to his new home before allowing him outdoors, and make it morning and when he’s hungry so he’ll soon be back for a meal. My comment title is moving stresses cats but it’s also a very stressful time for any caring caretaker too!

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