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Mr McCatipus is a Stalker — 4 Comments

  1. As an uncivilized colonial we had a case in Santa Fe I believe where a woman dealing with a long standing stalker seen him in a side window. she went out the back door and shot him. No charges were filed. I had some dumb woman out my back window earlier this year. You have to understand how far she would have to trespass to get to my back window. She was for reasons I do not understand totally convinced I had her dog in my home. Something that would simply never happen here. She then refused to get off my porch steps I think she was looking for a way to barge in. Again convinced I had her dog. I told her in no uncertain terms and with several decisive 4 letter words to get off my property. I reported her to the police since she told me where she lives. Which was a fair piece down the road. People are nuts. Stalking laws are better but still need to be beefed up. People who have no regard for trespassing onto someone else’s home or land have issues and bear watching.

  2. I consider all stalkers to be dangerous, especially when their advances are rejected. I expect that he has knowledge that she is a cat lover and is using that to lure her. She needs a security system in place and a firm restraining order.

    • Yes, Dee I thought the same. I could not find anything online that told me she liked and looked after a cat but it seems likely. The guy is a bit mad.

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