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My cat has a limp and a droopy tail. Please help. — 5 Comments

  1. I forgot to add; When my cats are looking punkish, I “snap” their neck to look for dehydration. Pull the loose skin up about and inch and let go. If it goes down immediately, it is a good sign. If it is slow to return to normal, not so good. He most likely has some dehydration. Two things you can do; get him to a vet and have the vet run a few tests and administer some subcutaneous fluids into him. Or, you can add Pedialyte to his water and see how he does.

    The other thing I also do is, give my cats a B-12 shot. Most people don’t have access to injectable B-12. In this case, I crush a B-12 tablet and dissolve it with warm water. Try to syringe it down his throat. Use a syringe after the needle has been removed. B-12 promotes appetite and energy.

    Also watch for changes in fur. When fur starts to lose it’s shine, normal texture (smoothness), generally a sign something isn’t right within their system.

  2. Mar: Sadly, like humans, our babies get old and infirmity sets in. I think it is often harder for us to accept our cat’s health is failing than humans.

    Some of the symptoms sound like he either is suffering from arthritis or has some degenerative nerve issues. You might try palpating the area around the hip joints, lower legs and just above the tail along the spine to see if he reacts to pain. VERY GENTLY try to extend his hind legs. Cats have a remarkable ability to not show pain, so you have to be very observant of any reactions. If he shows ANY discomfort, stop immediately. Most likely if he responds to the stress, he has some old age issues setting in.

    The behavior issue may be a response to pain. As Michael suggested, possibly kidney issues. You really need to have a vet look at him to rule out any kidney problems. Cats can go down in a VERY short time from kidney disease.

    I am NOT a vet, nor am I dispensing medical advice. I am suggesting things I have learned to do and have done on my own cats. I did however, study 2 yrs at a vet med school when I was working on my Masters in Psychology. Basically the CNS in cats compared to humans. And brain size/intelligence compared to humans. Trust me, if cats had a brain the size of humans….we’d be in soooooo much trouble. 🙂

    Good luck with your baby Mar. I will say a prayer for him and you.

  3. My cat is having the same problem. He is a rescue cat which I adopted when he was approximately 1 1/2-2 years of age. I figure he is about 14-15 years old. He has been an indoor cat since I adopted him. Two months ago he had a cleaning & then a week later his distemper shots. He had been throwing up some so the My Vet told me to get him started on lysine chewable a because he has the feline virus.
    About a month ago his behavior started to change. Now I see he is not picking his tail up anymore. It just sort of hangs downward. He is a very kind obedient cat & used to be a good jumper and would like to look outside the window. We would run around almost every evening before bed. Know his desire to look outside has decreased, he no longer plays but maybe for 1 minute & our before bed running is no longer. His hind legs seem limp & thinner around the tail where it meets the back spine. I’ve been crying in & off for about a week. I really don’t want to lose my boy. He’s been a wonderful family member, friend & companion for me. He was always quite a talker & greeting me when I her home. He doesn’t talk so much & rarely meets me at the food when I get home.
    All the stuff I’ve read so far makes sense. This has been helpful. I am so very sad & disheartened.
    Any input is welcome.
    Thank you from me Mare & HArley my boy.

    • Hi Mare, I am sorry to hear your story. I know how you feel. We get very connected to our cats after a long time together and it is painful to see them ill. To me (as a layperson) Harley symptoms maybe age related as he is elderly. He may have some underlying health issues such as poor kidney function combined with viral infection. Some cats react badly to the distemper vaccine but these symptoms appear to be too late to be linked to the vaccination about 7 weeks ago. There are many reasons for vomiting (see page).

      The virus may make him feel lethargic etc.. It seems he is ill and old together causing these symptoms. I can’t shed more light on this. I sense it is a combination event and complex therefore. My best to you both.

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