My Thai Feral Cats Look Like Egyptian Maus

My Thai Feral Cats Look Like Egyptian Maus

by Alf Peer
(Hua Hin, Thailand)

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One morning there was a bony black and white cat...who came into my place, so I see she must be very hungry, so I give her some food, and from that time she come back every day.

As there was a big distance between the houses, she made herself at home. Then one day I realise she ready to have kittens, so I got a cardboard box and got her inside the house. She had a boy (black) and girl, both like her. When they start to eat she was gone, so we keep the 2 kittens.

As time go past and they grown up the boy left, so the girl stay. One day like before she ready to have kitten. So get the box back for her and she had 2 like mother. One day she got run over by a bike outside the gate (see update below for more on this episode) and I had 2 kittens to get feed. They not had the eyes open then.

So all well they grow up to strong cats, but they turn out different. Then mother one like tiger stripes the other black but also can she stripes

OK, now I look at cat pictures and I see they look like Egyptian Mau. So I like to send in some photos to confirm they are.

Thank you..Alf


Update: 8th Jan 2010:..this refers to the killing of the mother cat...

As my mother cat (call Mou) got killed I went beserk and looking for the one bike rider who did it. People in the ally ran to lock themselves in and yelled that it was a bike taxi.

My partner calmed me down saying not go like that in Thailand. OK..I come from a country where we do not take things like that with out getting the guilty one.

So, I pick my lovely cat up to bury her next to a big wall where no one can dig her up. I wrapped her in a blankiet with lots of flowers and green leaves.

I put her to rest 1 meter deep. so I had a fruit tree growing and plant it on top of her resting place.

So here is the beautiful tree with lots of fruit from my loving Mou..

tree in Thailand growing over a once loved buried cat


Hi Alf... thanks for visiting from Thailand. I love people to visit from Thailand and to share their experiences as you have.

Your update made me sad by the way. You love your cats.

There are two types of Egyptian Mau cats. The ones that you see on the Egyptian Mau page on this site are purebred show cats in America.

The other type are feral or random bred cats living in Egypt today. There have been feral cats like the Egyptian Maus for thousands of years. These feral cats in Egypt look a bit like the show cats but they are not "refined".

Your cats were the offspring of Thai feral cats. They are not therefore Eygptian Mau purebred cats but they may look like a bit like them. Although Egyptian Maus have a very distinct spotted tabby coat. They are claimed to be the only naturally spotted domestic cat.

Your cats may also look a bit like the feral Egyptian Maus of Egypt and on that basis there may be a connection as some of the cats of Egypt may have been exported (travelled with their human companions) to Siam (now Thailand) hundreds of years ago.

Answer: there may be some Egyptian Mau genes in your cats but I would doubt it. It would be unlikely that your cats have a connection with the Egyptian Mau.

They are lovely cats nonetheless and I hope they bring you pleasure and that you bring them love and all that goes with it.

Please come back sometime.

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My Thai Feral Cats Look Like Egyptian Maus to Egyptian Mau Cat

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My Thai Feral Cats Look Like Egyptian Maus

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Jan 30, 2011
by: alf

you wont beliefe as i git, till i see it that my mou[ black one] is attacking my guest wen they go up to the bedroom, i will get a photo of it as it is like she think she is a wild cat orsomething,standing up on back legs hiss shouw her teeth and strike out whit front legs. differend to her sister [ tigress ] she dont mind people as long they live her be.another thing about my mou she come on me wistle,or like a dog fetch a ball and bring it to my foot',sorry if there misteke in my writing.inseam

Jan 11, 2010
11th Jan 2010 Update - loving sisters
by: Alf - Thailand

two cats by a computer

Resting after hard work on the computer. They love to be with me when I work on the comp. The black mou also loves to watch me wash the dishes or wash the floor. She likes to help but Tigres is lazy and leaps on the TV.


Jan 08, 2010
Hi Alf
by: Michael

Yes, I could be wrong. There is a page on this website that discusses the genetics of the domestic cat (terms) and the distribution of the various breeds in the world. See it here: Cat Genetics.

A visitor, this morning (8th Jan 2010) posted an article about the Turkish Angora genes and how they can be found in the non-purebred cat population.

The Turkish Angora is a naturally occurring cat as is the Egyptian Mau so the genes of the Egyptian Mau could quite possibly be in cats in Thailand.

So, yes, Alf, you might be correct! You may be living with mixed-breed Egyptian Mau cats.

Michael Avatar

Jan 07, 2010
by: alf

As I read it, the Mau has a flap. Well so has my tiger and sister Mou.

But the interesting marks are the one grey stripe from ears to the eyes. Their voice is very faint only when angry is a throaty call.

The Mou love to wait for people walk past to jump on there legs but not do any harm!

They have the speed of lightning through the house and can jump as high 140cm, climb up on the screen to the top of the window, chase flies or lizards.

On thing I don't believe is to let them outside as they might can get sick. As they eat grass every day I grow some in a pot or get it from a clean place outside.

Well I had to say all that as I wonder. See the African wild cat maybe they have a bit of them to. There are lot of striped cats in Thailand but they not have the same markings like mine.

Jan 07, 2010
Egyptian Mau?
by: Jan Plant

These beauties are stunning! I'd never seen a domestic striped/brindled like this! Thanks for sharing!

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