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My Thoughts About Declawing — 5 Comments

  1. Pets are so cute when they are but guess what folks they need attention and grow up (just like children) so if you are not ready to take on more responsibility then don’t have any. My cats are part of my family and i wouldnt do anything so sadistic or cruel to my family if they did someting wrong. You TRAIN them not to. I have a few cats and when they started scratching I squirted them with water and guess what after getting wet they caught on and don’t do it. Its just as cruel as getting your dog debarked but that’s another web site.

  2. People always say they get the cat declawed because they don’t want their furniture destroyed. Well do they cut their children’s figures off because they bite their nails. Its cruel and unnecessary. I worked in a vets office and believe me the cats are in excruciating pain.

    • It’s shocking that to some people their furniture is more important than their cat.
      I too worked for vets but ours would never declaw a cat even when it was legal here in the UK.
      I can imagine the memories of seeing cats suffering still haunts you.
      Declawing should never have been invented, the people who have their cats declawed are not fit cat caretakers.

      • I never ceases to amaze me – shock me in fact – that people knowingly put their cat through excruciating pain and mutilation to protect their furniture, which can be protected in a different way in any case.

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