My York Chocolate Cat

by Joyce Taylor
(London UK)

My York Chocolate Cat

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My York Chocolate Cat

I own a york chocolate cat. He is a blue male with a really lovely nature. It was my intention to buy a female and breed yorks in Great Britain. I have had no luck in three years buying a female, and I have almost given up. Neither I nor my cat is getting any younger.

I don't think that Faries cattery is still existing.

There is another breeder in France (Edels Gardens) from whom I also never get a reply.

AS far as I know nobody else breeds these cats.


My York Chocolate Cat to York Chocolate Cat

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My York Chocolate Cat

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Feb 29, 2012
Looking for a Breeder NEW
by: Dawn


Interested in a york chocolate and looking for a U.S. Breeder.

How do I find you?

Feb 17, 2012
Breeder of Chocolates NEW
by: nancy ohara

We still breed York Chocolate here on the east coast of the US. Just ship out a girl (chocolate) to Itialy.

Faires Cattery is not active any more
by: Cesara

I have a York Chocolate male from Faires Cattery, which unfortunately is not active any more. I'm also looking for a female to continue the breed in Italy and i would appreciate to get suggestions about it.

Feb 24, 2010
Potential random York Chocolate from Upstate?
by: Alba-ny

I found this site after searching for days about chocolate coloured cats. This past Thanksgiving a neighbour of my aunt gave my husband and I an amazing little girl kitten.

We named her Luna, and we thought in the darkness that she was black and fluffy. In the light at home it turned out she was colourpoint: milk and dark chocolate!

Mind you, this was in upstate NY (Albany area.)

Luna was less than six months at the time. Her mother was called a "siamese" by the lady who gave her to us, and the father "Moonbeam" was a black longhair.

Now her fur is short in some areas and long in others. I think it is a new coat growing in? Her tail is of very long fur but sparse still. Each day it is all filling out more, I think.
She is still pointed, but it is harder to tell. The once reddish-milk chocolate areas are brown. Her head, tail, and legs are black.

We have not planned to spay her because she is indoors, our other two boys are neutered, and I guess I had thoughts of pretty little brown kittens later on.

Noting that her colour was so odd I spent days googling. I only just heard of the York Chocolate tonight. This seems so appropriate since they are descended from moggies in NY too.
I am so interested in finding more information and owners. Maybe my Luna could have brown kittens one day?! There were MANY other brothers and sisters when we chose her. The lady only grabbed a few kittens in the barn to show us. I wonder how many others were so uniquely coloured?

She is a very sweet little doll. It is funny how much she likes to rub against or pile on top of the other cats. When they are stand-off-ish she seems so confused! Her purr is So Loud! She became more vocal recently, but sounds like and odd bird... much like out late Siamese. Her eyes reflect red rather than green. She is very lean right now and feels a lot like a muscular Siamese, but she is a gawky kitten yet.

I'd really love to hear from others! If you are curious about Luna I'd love to share a photo or something 🙂

Nov 22, 2009
York Chocolate cat
by: Brian Cash

Hi Joyce,

I have been maintaining a few breeding York Chocolate cats here in California from some of the original bloodlines. I too have found it impossible to find any more in this country??

I do not know if this would be too far for you to import a cat, but I really would like to share my cats in the hopes of further promoting the York Chocolate breed.

Hope this helps,

Brian Cash

Oct 21, 2009
A ballanced cat
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Joyce. He is a very nice boy - I really hope you find a suitable spouse for him. I don't know the breed, but judging from pictures the cat looks balanced - and I like that. In my opinion some other new breeds have been looking too much for the extreme. Good luck to you.

Oct 21, 2009
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Thanks Joyce for sharing. You confirm what I thought that this breed is very rare indeed. Your boy is a very rare cat and he is a very handsome cat too. Great whiskers, coat colour and eyes.

PS: I agree with Finn (above) in that some breeds are too extreme and your boy is very balanced in proportions - normal looking it other words.

9 thoughts on “My York Chocolate Cat”

      • Oh thats a pretty one too. It is a shame that they are so rare. I would like to breed the York Chocolate and make the breed more known. I live in Denmark and here the breed is non existing at all.

        • Ah…now I know your objective. They are rare. They are not recognised by either the CFA nor TICA in the US. These are the 2 dominant cat associations. I think you’ll struggle to find a breeder. Sorry. I couldn’t find one when I tried for a few minutes.

          • I might see if i can get an approvement on starting an new line from Brown Havana and Siamise longhair. They are both very common here i see. We call the Brown Havana for Orientaler. So i have found plenty of that one in both long and short hair.

      • Not sure this is active anymore! But, have a gorgeous solid chocolate female, no other colours on her. Beautiful green eyes,amazing temperament, highly intelligent, chirps than meow! She looks like York choc but guess most cats do, she is not black. Been trying to get her recognised in someway, as now for is extremely rare colour for a mixed cat. Be great to keep her colouring& uniqueness alive,she should be a breed. There are no York choc breeders since 2016, any without, not classes as York choc

    • It sounds like overgrooming too me. He might be grooming himself too much causing the hair to be pulled out and ingested (eaten). If this is happening it might be due to anxiety. Make sure there are no stray cats in his world and that he gets on with other cats. Also make sure he is relaxed. Are you around alot? It may be due to separation anxiety. Is he fearful of something or someone? If it is not that it might be another medical condition requiring a vet visit.


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