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Florida Cat Walked 197 Miles To Get Home — 4 Comments

  1. an amazing “Believe it or not” true life cat story.Fireworks are the main reason for pets bolting out of their homes in all country’s. Pet owners should keep the doors of their houses or windows shut during firework displays in their localities.This is a miraculous story.

  2. Hi Elisa,

    Amazing story and glad it turned out well. 197 whole miles is no small task for all but a bird.

    Good thing Holly was microchipped though there’s something of a fair chance that she’d have made it all the way to the exact house.

    I’m with you on the fireworks. I call the cops when our neighbors shoot them off. It disturbs my peace and scares my cats half to death. I wish people would stop being so selfish when they know it upsets cats and dogs and that it disturbs the peace. Then there’s the fire hazard and risk of injury.

    The homing instinct is incredible. I think that you and Marc are right – it’s the magnetic field and probably more.

    As Marc pointed out, there are probably additional contributing factors – weather, atmosphere, and direction sense as well as being somewhat familiar with the route and landmarks.

    Additional factors might be elevation, position of the sun, smells in the wind. Call me crazy, but perhaps cats can see into the Astral Plane or just “feel” where their loved ones are. It always seems like they have some kind of extra-sensory perception.

    On the last point, I always shoo the cats away when I approach doors leading outside of my house. I don’t let them come near the doors when I am going to open them. I learned the hard way a long time ago and will never make that mistake again.

    Super interesting article, Elisa.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  3. Amazing. I believe she sensed the sea was on one side of her – or the prevailing winds and she was then left with having to go south – perhaps because she sensed the sea or such on the opposite side of her on the journey up there. Even if you are in the back of the car you kind of know the general direction you are going in from when you left even if you are lost otherwise. So you sense which way you should go back. I don’t know how far from the sea it is that she was, but the sea brings seagulls and a general air and atmosphere that can be sensed as coming from one side of your environment. Its probably the only simple thing she had to go by. Amazing story though.

    Can I just say something – bringing your cat to the Daytona speedway is tupi lupi bonkers. I work at race circuits around Europe often and I could think of no worse place for a cat. That’s crazy.

    But well done Holly for keeping the water to your right since it was on your left all the way up there. She must have known when she was near home from thew sounds and smells of her usual area.

    A happy ending – that’s nice!

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