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Netflix review: ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’ internet killer limited series. Was it too disturbing? — 4 Comments

  1. Although I am sickened by it, I nonetheless read animal cruelty articles and sign petitions urging severe punishment of abusers. I have been unfriended by Facebook friends for posting certain pictures and articles, but I am so frustrated that people don’t know or won’t learn about these atrocities. I also feel someone needs to grieve for and recognize and honor these dear animals because of what they went through. I know so many people who say they know torture happens, they just can’t see or think of it. If we all don’t get involved, these horrific murders will only increase. (Sometimes I wonder what I would do to a torturer if I was face to face with him. Could I ever avenge the torture/killing of an animal?)

  2. Thank you for the information, Elisa. I could never watch a program like this, ever. Literally I would become sick. I feel pain in animals so deeply that I can barely even read about any of this, never mind watch an actual video or look at pictures. 😱🤢😿😿

    Hard to believe that President Trump would approve sending any bill remotely similar to this, considering the trophy hunting escapades of his own sons. They are notorious, relentless offenders.👹🤬

    • From what I’ve heard any president would have signed that bill. It had too many people pushing for it. And people are misinformed on the new law thinking it means misdemeanor animal cruelty. It mainly affects crush videos.

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