WARNING – Video of Boy Killing Two Kittens

WARNING – DON’T GET INVOLVED IF THIS MIGHT UPSET YOU – but is it fake (no!)? The video shows a boy killing two innocent and charming kittens. I have watched bits of it to confirm that it is the video. Although, I tend to never erase such images from my memory and I feel that this damages me psychologically. There are many updates to this page (making is a bit disjointed) because the page evolved and please note that the page was first written before May 25th 2012, a time when the story was fresh and evolving on the internet.

Note (11th Sept 2023): for a long time, the hosting company who hosted this website hosted the video of Luka Magnotta killing two kittens. One day an employee discovered it and took it off the internet. They said that it was in violation of their content terms and conditions. They said that if I tried to upload it, they’d take the entire site off the internet! I tried a ‘gore hosting company’ to see if they’d accept it but no. I tried two more hosting servers: Google Blogspot and Google Drive. Both rejected it after about a week. Below is the warning given to me by Google Blogspot. I can’t find anyone to host this damned video as it is too toxic nowadays. I’m sorry as I think it should be available for educational but not voyeuristic reasons. 

Warning from Google Blogspot
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Warning from Google Blogspot

Update 3rd Oct 2014: the kittens were killed and the person who allegedly did it is Luka Rocco Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman; July 24, 1982). There is a second video of him feeding kittens to a python (NY Post). This video has spawned a conspiracy theory as the hand of someone else comes into the video. Did he have an accomplice or are they the hands of the snake’s owner? In fact, Luka’s mom says the hand (which does not move) is in the kitten killing video and that it belongs to Emanuel “Manny” Lopez. She wants the police to investigate. As the hand is static it is said that it is not real. Magnotta claims he was forced by Manny to do this terrible deed. But the authorities say it is a fictional character.

Update May 26, 2022: it should be added that a Netflix, three-part, docuseries was created on the back of the activities of a group of amateur Internet sleuths who launched a manhunt for Luka Magnotta after he achieved notoriety in 2010 for sharing this graphic video online of himself suffocating two kittens. The video is the subject matter of this entire page. The docuseries was called “Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer“.

To bring readers right up to date, the latest American mass murderer, Salvador Ramos, who allegedly shot 19 kids and two adults to death at Robb Elementary School, Texas, wanted fame similar to that portrayed in the Netflix docuseries. It appears that he wanted the same sort of fame that Luka Magnotta attained.

Magnotta was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia as a teenager. He is accused of killing and dismembering Chinese international student Lin Jun. I believe his trial is coming up at the date of this update (more about this at base of page).

Luka Rocco Magnotta the person who filmed himself killing kittens

Luka Rocco Magnotta the person who filmed himself killing kittens

I have found the actual video – see below update: although it worked originally, it no longer works 5 hours later. On YouTube there are other versions of it but they are just a single screen-shot like the one below.

The video starts in a very sinister way. Apparently, he…

….takes two kittens and seals them into a vacuum bag, then sucks all the air out and watches them die. Really sad because the kittens are helpless and the guy and his friends laugh and play Christmas songs….Please help find this sick twisted Maniac..

I have provided these screenshots in case someone deletes the video at source which would leave the screen black here.




The video is (was?) on the www.flix.co.il website. This is a site based in Israel or concerns Israel as the language is Hebrew.

Here is the video: update: it no longer works..see link to the video below

I have published this page because I feel that I have a duty to do so.

I have put this article on the cat behavior page because so much about cat behavior is in fact about us.

It is a well-known fact that animal abuse by young people can be a precursor to the same people abusing people and worse.

There is a classic case in the newspapers this morning (December 22nd 2010) of Stephen Griffiths, who calls himself “the Crossbow Cannibal”. His Facebook alter ego is “Ven Pariah”. He is described by a psychiatrist as, “a sadistic psychopath”. A neighbour describes seeing him as a thirteen-year child, “catching, killing and dissecting birds..” He ended up killing three women, two with a crossbow bolt to the head, the third with a hammer. He cooked and ate two; the third he ate raw.

We should try and identify this person. Check things out and if he did kill two kittens in this sadistic manner, he needs treatment and punishment and then lifetime monitoring to protect the public.

Link to the website’s page hosting the video:..this no longer works either…very strange, sorry.

– link broken.

On 26th December 2019, I found the video thanks to a commentor (see comment below).

Because Google advertisers are uncomfortable with these sorts of videos for understandable reasons, I have to publish it on a page where there are no adverts. CLICK THE LINK BELOW. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS SEEING IT, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

LINK TO THE VIDEO – PLEASE CLICK HERE. Another update: Google Drive has banned the video. Sorry.

Further Update Dec 2019:

Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta the baby-faced kitten killer and then a man killer. Photo: Rex Features. I have added this picture as an update as it shows his baby-faced image. A veneer behind which is an evil mind. He is smiling faintly. He looks content and calm on his arrest.

Here is some more about Luka Magnotta in brief (also read more by clicking on this link if you wish). The killing of the two kittens must have taken place before the murder of Lin Jun which can be summarized as follows. Magnotta has suffered from schizophrenia since 2000. He fled Canada after an 11-minute video titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was uploaded to Bestgore.com in which was depicted a naked male being stabbed with an ice pick and then a knife and then dismembered followed by acts of necrophilia.

He was arrested in Berlin reading about himself at a cafe. He tried to get away by giving false names. On May 29 2012 a left foot was sent to the Conservative Party of Canada HQ. Then a left hand was sent to the Liberal Party. It was intercepted. These were the body parts of Lin Jun. His head was found by a lake in Montreal, Canada.

Magnotta was convicted of murder (and other offences) after a 12-week trial on Dec 14th 2014 after pleading not guilty due to his schizophrenia. The jury sat for 8 days. He is serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 25 years from 2014 although one report is that he will be incarcerated without parole. He was also sentenced to 19 years for other offences. Source Wikipedia.

His former girlfriend Barbie Swallows said: “He knows the difference between right and wrong; he deliberately murdered an innocent victim and those sweet little kittens. I hope the coronavirus finds him in prison, he has no remorse for what he did and only cares about himself.”

The reference to Covid is to an outbreak of the disease at the prison where he is incarcerated: Port-Cartier prison up the river from Quebec City. TMZ reported that 15 inmates and 15 employees contracted the virus. That was May 2020.


The man is notorious enough for Netflix to pay for a full documentary on him. Here is the trailer. It was aired on Dec 18th 2019. On 20th December, the feedback from people who have seen the video is interesting.

I’ve never seen something so disturbing in all my life and I’ve watched some tough crime documentaries. what a sick individual

The movie has been described as brutal. It has brought some viewers to tears. Magnotta never ceases to shock and disturb. One commentor said it made him cry.

I would like to thank Ruth for pointing this story out to me.

Michael Avatar

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WARNING – Video of Boy Killing Two Kittens

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Dec 13, 2011Fucker…
by: Anonymous Okay, now I am a cat person. Why would you kill two kittens and think it’s funny? What if you were that kitten? And you were killed by some asshole?

Oct 14, 2011Sadists
by: Anonymous I can’t watch it as I have a great love for animals and It will harm me psychology. Now I am a very calm and collected person but why the fuck would these stupid sadistic boys do something as cold-blooded and horrific as that. I don’t know if its fake or not as I haven’t watched it but these guys belong in an mental asylum or better yet: jail.
Go to hell you fucking assholes

Aug 03, 2011DEVIL
by: Anonymous This kitten vacumer boy is the f**king anti christ or somethinGwho could so such a horrible thing!!! I dont like to swear but you better fucking be counting the sleeps till the cops get you dick! >:(DISGRACE TO HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 26, 2011asshole
by: Anonymous people like you should have been killed by birth, i sware if i ever see u in the streets im gunna make you suffer more then you did for the poor kittens.., u bloody basterd

Jun 26, 2011asshole
by: Anonymous people like you should have been killed by birth, i sware if i ever see u in the streets im gunna make you suffer more then you did for the poor kittens.., u bloody basterd

Feb 23, 2011burn
by: Anonymous i hope he burns in hell

Feb 23, 2011burn
by: Anonymous this c**t should be burned alive

Jan 21, 2011To Muire
by: Ruth Could you maybe contact
with what you know.
It’s not a crush video they said but all the same they want the person caught and might be able to help do that.

Jan 21, 2011involved in investigation
by: Muire I have seen the video. It does exist, but it get’s removed everytime we get close to finding it again. Whether it is ‘real’ or not, I’ll not give an opinion, but it DOES exist. It is VERY hard to watch. After murdering these babies he keeps them in a refridgerator and plays with them for 3 days..oh..the voices in the video were a tape. We have proof of all that. John Lennons Christmas song plays throughout. It happened in Mid-November. If anyone knows where Luka Magnota is, or if you know who his accomplices are, PLEASE contact authorities. I would give my contact info, but that would not be a wise thing for me to do. Contact authorities in either New York City or Toronto.

Jan 19, 2011Video Link
by: AnonymousThey know who did it, now he has to be found.

Jan 17, 2011Thank you anonymous
by: Ruth Thank you for letting us know.
Yes he needs catching before he does something so dreadful again so it’s good he’s been identified.

Jan 17, 2011He has been identified
by: Anonymous The cat killer has been indentified as Luka Magnotta a gay porn star from Russia. His whereabouts is not known at the moment but it is suspected he is in either Miami or Canada, he also performed a sex act on one of the dead kittens. He is a sociopath who needs to be found as quickly as possible as it seems he has done this before!!!!!

Jan 17, 2011He has been identified
by: Anonymous The cat killer has been indentified as Luka Magnotta a gay porn star from Russia. His whereabouts is not known at the moment but it is suspected he is in either Miami or Canada, he also performed a sex act on one of the dead kittens. He is a sociopath who needs to be found as quickly as possible as it seems he has done this before!!!!!

Jan 12, 2011To the troll
by: CJ My God I hope it’s you who never procreates because you are the lowest form of life and if anyone is a wimp it’s you matey with your made up name and your ignorant comments. Think on next time you read of a child murdered by a previous animal abuser because that’s what you are mocking us for trying to prevent.I suggest you go elsewhere with your vulgar idiotic trolling because you aren’t fit to be around decent folk.

Jan 11, 2011You want the video?
by: Maggie Download it off a torrent! Just google “1 Guy 2 kittens torrent’ and you’ll find one. Then download the video and watch it for yourself. The person has been found, and is very sick minded. From what he’s said he would definitely not hesitate to take a human life. In fact, on his Facebook (now deleted) he spoke about cutting a child’s neck and draining the blood in the sink.

Jan 08, 2011wow just wow
by: dr. octagonapus Ok so by the sound of things this video is too horrible to watch, oh the humanity. Listen there is a major problem with all of this, first off it sounds like nobody has actually seen this video so everybody just assumes that A. the kittens are dead and B. this actually happened, without anyone actually knowing because they’re a bunch of wimps who are too scared to watch it, grow a pair. Stop listening to what your being told and judge for yourself. Oh wait you cant because nobody can find the video anymore, because a bunch of assholes took it down, shocking. The whole thing might be fake and everybody just jumps to conclusions and gives whoever did this their 15 minutes of fame from the shock value like they probably wanted in the first place. In a nutshell your all idiots please don’t procreate because there’s no lifeguard in the gene-pool

Dec 28, 2010I hope the life is snuffed out of this scumbag!!
by: Hatescowardswhohurtanimals I hope they get this scumbag and end his breathing!! Your day is coming sick low-life freak!! I wish I could see it when you get yours and any other discusting waste of space like you!!!

Dec 28, 2010couldnt watch
by: KATHY W I dont know if its still on here because I didnt try to see it. I hate animal abuse in all forms including hunting. They should all be prosecuted and lately there have been some stories in the Chicago Sun Times about people being prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Dec 27, 2010sick
by: Alicia in Illinois Just post his picture without pixels on my facebook but even if vid is sic I want to c it and CAN’T find it!!!!!

Dec 24, 2010To Elisa
by: Ruth When I contacted Crush videos she said it wasn’t actually a Crush video but it was animal abuse and they would look into it.
I think it’s worth contacting them with that type of video if only for advice what to do about it.

Dec 24, 2010eye for an eye
by: Anonymous of course everyone knows that hate breeds hate, but in this particular case just incase I’ll see that guy walking down the street I’ll personllay remove his nuts and let little kittens play with that… degenerats like this one have to be surgically removed from our society and there should be no mercy for the rejects like this tard. Find someone your own size motherfucker

Dec 23, 2010a month ago
by: Elisa There was one online of a white cat climbing a tree and its back sliced completely open. I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of it and I don’t have the link anymore. I do have my limits and that was it. It was horrible. Is there some place we can report these to when we get ahold of them?

Dec 23, 2010Crush Video latest
by: Ruth These wonderful people got Crush videos banned and although this isn’t actually a crush video they are interested in it: Me to them:
THANK YOU. Michael PoC has written an article now and we are spreading it around in the hopes the boys will eventually be identified if they haven’t been already !

14 hours ago ·Crush Videos : STOPcrush.org
excellent! Id like to see the article and repost it! ~ marla
12 hours ago ·

Dec 22, 2010Me neither
by: Leah (England) Sorry I couldn’t watch it either; like Michael I just wouldn’t be able to get the images out of my mind; this sort of image would interfere with my everyday thought process to the point where I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at work. (I know this from experience) I hope with all my heart that these murderers (animal murderers now and murderers in the future) are caught and receive a fitting punishment.The only thing is evil is inherent and these boys are most certainly evil. What next? Kidnapping and torturing small children? I would like to know what sort of background these boys have come from because these actions are so far away from normal behaviour.

Dec 22, 2010.
by: Courtney It’s really digsuting and horrifying to know that, whether it is true or not, someone can think of doing something like that.
What is wrong with people like this?

Dec 22, 2010Michael
by: Maggie Michael, thanks for making this page, I was actually in the process of finding someone to write about it, but I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to watch the video. However, I don’t think the video was made in Isreal, I could be wrong, but I think this just happens to be one of the last places where it’s been hosted.

Dec 22, 2010Israel
by: Michael You are right, it is hosted by an Israeli website. It has been seen 21 million times according to the site but the whole thing is very odd indeed.Michael Avatar

Dec 22, 2010Hope he gets caught & punished
by: Michele S. Whether the video was real or a hoax, it’s still some sick individual behind it. I think that Il is the country code for Israel, so let’s hope that someone can identify the person and notify the police. I sincerely hope those responsible for this video get whats coming to them.

Dec 22, 2010We can’t ignore it
by: CJ Maybe StopCrushvideos.org have had it removed?From what Ruth said it seemed they were looking into it.
I think you did right to bring it to notice because it’s the only way to stop it.
If we all ignored things like this incase it was fake then animal abusers would get away with it.
Keep up the good work Michael,your site does a lot of good and you have a lot of fans.

Dec 22, 2010Sorry
by: Michael Well I am sorry, now the link to the video doesn’t work either. This is a link that was provided by the company that hosts the video so I have no idea what is going on. If someone can find out that would be great.Michael Avatar

Dec 22, 2010Video
by: Michael This video presented some weird problems. The embed code (code to allow people to present the video on their own websites) was provided but did not work. I fixed it so that it worked but it has now gone bad again several hours later. Accordingly, it cannot be shown on this site but can on the original site (see the link, please). I now am not sure that this is a real video. There is something odd about it as it has disappeared from Facebook and this site.Not sure about this..Michael Avatar

Dec 22, 2010Awful
by: Barbara I can’t watch it either knowing that the kittens will be killed and there’s nothing I can do to save them. I’ve already inadvertantly seen a picture of a dog abused in China this afternoon and it’s imprinted on my retinas. There surely must be more than one person involved to have made this video. I hope it’s true that the monsters have been turned in and I hope wherever they live they get even worse treatment from the general public than the woman in the UK who put the cat in the bin. A slap on the wrist isn’t going to stop this hoodie from a life of evil. The trouble is, these things need to be seen but it’s the ones who love animals and who would never hurt them that end up suffering by seeing them over and over. I despair for the youth of this world sometimes and then I think of Zach,so there IS still some hope. Barbara avatar

Dec 22, 2010More than one boy?
by: Kath So more than one boy was involved were they?
I can’t watch but I can spread it around too but I pray they’ve been caught.

Dec 22, 2010Latest on this
by: Ruth I’ve had this reply from Crush Video org ‘Stop Crush Videos : STOPcrush.org Its not a crush vid, but it is animal cruelty. Makes me sick actually. Next those boys will be doing the same with kids and women, and the elderly. Most boys dont sit around torturing animals in their living-room whilst playing Christmas songs. Serial killers do that. I had heard about this, I had also heard the boys were turned in. But I have no evidence of it. Will have to look through the internet for recent articles of arrest. ~ Marla’I DO HOPE it’s true the boys were turned in !!!!

Dec 22, 2010Too awful
by: Rose That picture is bad enouigh,I can’t watch the video.I’m sorry as like Ruth I usually force myself to but to see 2 little kittens deliberately made to suffer is too much.
However I will pass it around,we must do that until it reaches someone who knows who that bacteria is.

Dec 22, 2010FIND HIM !!!
by: Anonymous The video has been taken down but there is many more links im sure, anyone have another link, we need more people to see it in order to cath him.

Dec 22, 2010Too Upset To Think of a Title
by: Jo Singer No words can express the shock and horror JUST alone from the title of the video. I could not watch this either. But I am highly concerned about the website from which it was found. But it certainly doesn’t surprise me to see where it originated.If this was a video that was published on a USA website, it would be far easier to have it removed. I wish there was some way to report it and have it taken down. It is beyond words.Horrible!!

Dec 22, 2010Very traumatic
by: Ruth It was actually Maggie who brought this horrific crime to my notice but like her I couldn’t bear to watch the video. I have to force myself to face such things and at present my morale is too low as the other day I watched one of animals in slaughterhouses being abused and that’s still in my mind a lot.
I can well understand how it affects you so deeply Michael, horrors like this do traumatise those of us who love animals. But like you I couldn’t do nothing at all about it so thank you for writing this article as it may reach someone who can identify this low life scumbag.
As I said to Maggie, I don’t feel I belong on this planet where monsters like that exist !
Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 22, 2010I can’t either
by: Phil (London) I can’t bring myself to watch this either, to be honest. They say imagination can be more powerful than reality, but in this case I’m going to stick to my imagination… and only hope that this is a hoax. If not, then I hope that someone is able somehow to track down these people through the site they have used to host this video. I’m not religious, but the biblical quote, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ just seems to make perfect sense to me at times like this.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Cats are filthy pieces 3of shit. Got what it deserves!

    Yeah they truly are worthless foul rodents.
    I wish wer could do this to all of the cats on earth. Clean em all out once and for all! They deserve nothing less!

  3. Bill Booners says:

    This guy is literally the definition of a hero! By killing those 2 disgusting creepy vermin, he just saved countless lives of all the animals thei would have killed throughout their life!

    Did society a gigantic favor. He deserves praise.. maximum praise! He just got rid of 2 more at once! Very good job

  4. Matt orion says:

    Excellent work.. this makes so happy.. can’t stop laughing!

    Those repulsive loser rodents got EXACTLY WHAT THEY DESERVE!


  5. Sickened by that boy says:

    I had to stop watching around 1:30 i just couldn’t believe someone could be so messed up to do something like that and then turn around and kill an innocent human. It’s heart breaking!

  6. Melissa Marcum says:

    My heart was racing I couldn’t watch it then still can’t now.i just wanted to make this POS was arrested! Psycho-fucking-path.
    I almost N.E.V.E.R use this word ( maybe three times EVER ) but I H.A.T.E & DISPICE THIS LITTLE PRICK!
    I Can only HOPE someone makes him feel this way in prison EVERRRRRRRY FUC*EN DAY OF HIS LIFE!

  7. Any IMO us says:

    This absolutely sick the fact that a mind could think Luke this is horrible. Those kittens were a part of life just Luke him but he thought it was historically. ??

  8. Anonymous says:

    You inhuman piece of SHIT!!! It was an innocent little cat and you FUCKING SUFFOCATED IT!!! If I ever see you I’m going to rip both your eyes out, shove them a foot and a half up your but, then shove a torch down your throat, and it’ll be turned on until your nothing but a pile of FUCKING ASH!!!!! You should’ve gotten a death row sentence. And not a quick one either. You’re going the boiler room of HELL!!!!!!!

  9. MK says:

    I low key want to cry. Like I feel so bad. He should be put on death row,like no joke.

  10. karolina says:

    what kind of lunatic would do this. Im a dog person myself but I would never hurt a cat or an animal.

  11. toto says:

    you´re a fucking asshole luka.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So sad

  13. Anonymous says:

    U sick son of bitch I will kill u myself

  14. Luca will die says:

    Look, this stupid ass bitch has the fucking audacity to kill 2 kittens and post it on youtube, you fucking piece of absolute shit. I am coming for you your gonna die you shit hole. I hope you die in a fucking cell and then go to hell you fucking shit show

  15. Anonymous says:

    The guy should be sentenced to death end of story.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Fucking coward ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I watched the video and now I am fucking angry, evil fucking Arsehole, I hope when you go to Prison that other prisoners beat the shit out of you, sick fuck!!,

    You need to die you waste of fucking air!!

  18. unknown says:

    this guy is sick

  19. Anonymous says:

    i think people have to take the video out please if you realy love animals

    • BadVibezForever says:

      What’s even worse is that when he turns off the vacuum he goes to the cat trying to catch a breath, he pokes the dead cat, I am happy that he is rotting away in prison… He doesn’t deserve a life, If I could I would murder him myself??.

      • Unknown says:

        Exactly that rotting piece of crap should suffocate and should feel a slow painful death. Tbh I’d fucking laugh and celebrate at his funeral

  20. John says:

    No sense in telling him he should burn in hell here bc he’s not going to see these comments. Figure out where he is jailed and pen a letter.

  21. unknown says:

    i love this video seeing those cats die just a really good video


    • Luca will die says:

      fuck u shit show

    • niine says:

      fuck your mother fr you should burn in hell and never get any love cuz u a mf haertless ugly creature who deserves to be tortoured to death like the guy

    • Anonymous says:

      just die in hell

      • Anonymous says:

        Bruh he is dumb why would he do that to kitty’s that did nothing to him that’s just STUPID and cruel

    • ishouldkillmyselfahahh says:

      hell yeah I agree to bad he couldn’t make more videos like that but for other people that like to watch people die and animals there is a site called bestgore.com its very graphic and shows a lot like a man being burned alive some girl being beat to death and cats and animals being killed kinda like what luka did actually Lukas video was on there but was taken down because of the Canadian police anyways I have watched the video and have it and many other videos like that I could never harm or kill a human let alone animal but to me its not disturbing or disgusting and I can watch stuff like that so anyone else whos dark and twisted the site is bestgore.com

      • It's ok to need help says:

        i know its weird but i can watch this with out feeling anything. Yes Luka is a “bad” guy, but he is mentally ill and needed help don’t go around saying he should die in hell he just needed help and if anyone of you were their to help no cats would be dead and an innocent person would be alive

    • lee bom says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    fuck is wrong w him, who would’ve even thought of sum like that

  23. BLM says:

    Funny how people are getting upset because a cat dies, but Black men and women die and nothing is said… smh. It is sad that the cats had a horrible death, but think of how human beings feel being killed…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Fuck locking him up and wasting the space that could go to drug lords or drug abusers… his punishment should be getting stuffed in a human sized vacuum bag and be put in the same situation. And just before death in the vacuum bag, have someone stab him and cut him up. Make him suffer the same fate he delivered to others. Sick piece of shit.
    These are the only types of people that deserve death.

  25. Slam Donk says:

    Having viewed the Netflix documentary Don’t F*** With Cats, it is obvious that Magnotta is extremely mentally disturbed. With a broken family, there was nobody to guide him back to reality. It is hard to sympathize with someone whose vanity is constructed around becoming a serial killer. REMEMBER JUN LIN, the human victim.

    • Abbz says:

      I would love to meet this guy god would put him in my parth for a reason il acc go jail just for the to cats. He deserves to be raped with a metal stick

  26. Dre says:

    You fucking cunt fuck you you should be burnt alive and stabbed with a butter knife you absolute cunt

  27. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I think it’s kinda funny but I mean I wouldn’t do this….

  28. Anonymous says:

    He is in jail now so he better learn next time if he gets a chance for parole. Wish he had the death sentence also who came from Don’t (Bleep) With Cats?

  29. Olivia says:

    This is so stupid people need to grow up and there act together because those poor animals did nothing to him

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yall, dont worry if you watch the Dont F*** With Cats on netflix it gives a whole explanation of what happens to the guy he is in jail and the videos are off of you tube.

  31. Vengeance says:

    Sick twisted motherfucker. Die in hell.

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. ugh says:

    Honestly I’m not shaken up by much in life, but THIS- this made my stomach turn, my heart break and made me cry. This is absolutely horrible I couldn’t even push myself to watch the video completely because it’s horrible. I’m so glad they caught Luca, he needs to be in prison until he dies a painful slow death just like these kittens sadly did and the people he also murdered. Rest In Peace to all of his victims.

    • Yes, I feel exactly the same way on all you write. Thanks for sharing.

      • Everleigh says:

        Its just so sad, even I couldn’t finish the entire vid…My heart completely shattered into bits. The poor kittens should have gotten to live a perfect life like most other cats did… same thing with all of his other victims. I wish that guy was killed at birth so he couldn’t brutally murder every living thing in his path. God bless the little kittens… they were so tiny and innocent and did they deserve such a slow and heartbreaking death? No! And why the heck would a guy film himself taking the lives of the kittens and then LAUGHING about it? That’s animal abuse! I’m a huge animal person and I love every living thing on earth so it breaks me to see that a guy would just steal the two lives of the kittens and many more living beings!

        • Thanks, Everleigh. I can feel your emotion and passion in your comment. There are too many people in the world like him. It is a human trait. I prefer animals to humans I am afraid.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I like it it is good to see these cats die I did that to when I was little hahaha

  35. Lexxi says:

    Just watched 1 lunatic 1 icepick. I searched and searched and found it after numerous attempts. But I cannot find the video for 1 boy 2 kittens. I think that is insane how u can still find the guy being killed but the kitten video has been removed. There is no finding it at all. This dude was sick. My chest hurts after watching the video and I feel like I’m going to vomit. I’m also dizzy and my heart hurts for the man and his family… I am so glad that Luka Magnotta is in jail.. But all the articles say he’s having a grand time in jail. They should not allow him to have so much freedom and fun.. he said he compares it to a summer camp of sorts. Totally not fair to the man he brutally murdered, or his family.. I cannot believe this shit… He will get what he deserves eventually.

  36. Anonymous says:

    If u watch the Netflix doc there was a phony with depression trying to feel better and that guy killed himself from the insults. It seemed if he was part of a stunt team, but he didn’t actually harm anything, although he posted cat abuse(cat burning in fire)he found that video somewhere. Thought would be interesting to post.

  37. jaredphelps16 insta says:

    this is neat

  38. Anonymous says:

    They go through all of this to take down a video across the entire interweb and charge him with first degree murder .. yet they cant find the Number 1 suspect on the God damn FBI most wanted .. like really Its a fucking animal it’s not a human a god damn cat.. what if it was a deer just like a cat a deer is a god damn animal come the fuck on people So ruled by emotions its Rediculous

    • Well I think you are completely wrong. It shows up your defiencies. Firstly this was not a simple killing of an animal. It was the deliberate torture of two kittens. That is different. Secondly they were domestic cats. Someone’s companion. That’s different too. Thirdly he broke the criminal law. Killing deer for fun is allowable (sadly) in America and is within the law under the rules. Fouthly the killing of the kittens was a precursor (as is often the case) of a grizly murder. It is not about emotions. It is about these four points. Wake up please.

    • Joe Jack says:

      My thoughts exactly! If it was a snake or a damn armadillo being tortured, no one would give a fck!! I cant stand cats, so I for one enjoyed the feature presentation.

  39. James Cameron says:

    I enjoyed it alot

  40. Choclo says:


  41. Ya boi says:

    I hate cats and don’t care about those kittens at all. But what I do care about is the fact that he killed his boyfriend and filmed it

  42. ME says:


    • Michael Broad says:

      It was pulled as I recall. What can I do? Probably a good thing because it would harm some people and encourage others.

  43. ssss says:

    you sick fu## what if you where the kitten and got killed by an asshole

  44. Katie says:

    Guys, I know that was a horrible thing to do, but… THEY’RE ONLY KITTENS. You don’t need to lose your shit and wish him death just for killing two kittens. It was terrible, but don’t get your vaccum cords in a knot over it.

    • Katie, my vacuum cords are in a complete knot and if it was legal I’d kill the bastard 😉 . In the same way he killed the kitten which as I recall was suffocation in a plastic bag.

    • Michele S. says:

      Katie, they may have been “only kittens” as far as you’re concerned, but the rest of us viewed them as defenceless, living, breathing creatures who suffered a slow and painful death. Only a sadist would derive pleasure from inflicting pain or suffering on others. You may think that’s acceptable behaviour, but I do not.

      It’s no surprise that the perpetrator moved on to torturing and killing a human.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      When we devalue living, breathing beings who deserve to walk this planet just as we do, we devalue ourselves as well. Afterall, we are ONLY HUMANS. Many living entities were dropped on this earth long before we were and deserve recognition and respect.
      What was done to those kits was sick, twisted, and criminal. That sort of sadistic sociopath needs to be removed from society.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a prick comment !
      Uneducated fuck.

    • Anonymous says:

      I personally hope he gets raped and brutally murdered over hurting ” just those kittens”

  45. Phil says:

    Just googled this. Seems you guys are not informed they already have him, because he continued killing – but a human this time. His trial is soon.


    • Hi Phil, thanks a lot for that. I’ll check it out. This article was written some time so it seems it needs updating.

      • kylee says:

        See I knew it wouldn’t not of been long before he killed someone. As its not far of a Jump from a kitty to human. Makes me so sick.

        • Ahsan ul Haq says:

          Kylee I saw that cruel murder video in a website forum, I became ill that time and the guy who was nude on the bed seemed to me a Japanese or Chinese type from his eyes or perhaps his eyes were swollen after death. Don’t know really but that was a sick video and I don’t know why these kind of people are let free roaming by the security agencies and on the other hand innocent cats are hated because they roam freely. 🙁

          God bless you Kylee, hope your health is fine <3 amen

          • kylee says:

            Yea Its just terrible. I try not to watch too many Video that Have Cats involved especially cruelty Ones. It really just breaks my heart. What makes me more disappointed when Perfectly Good Animals and when People declaw them, then dump them. Its so heartbreaking. Yes im doing alot better these days.

  46. Has anyone got information on this case? Have the police arrested anyone?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes they did and he is serving a life lesson
      thanks to people of the internet justice has been served the asshole got what he deserved

  47. kylee says:

    Thats horrible Michael,i hope someone got charged with that. That boy will be on a start to hurt humans i.e children, vulnerable people. I didn’t look at it, as id be traumatized. Just so wrong

  48. Destiny says:

    You son of a b*tch I canny wait till u go to h*ll u son of a b*tch I am going to track u down and shoot you so u could see how It feel to play songs and kill cats you and your friends y’all are the devil u just like killing cats don’t ya do u want me to kill u sun of a b*tch I fuckin hate u

    • Michael says:

      Destiny, I hope you get him no matter how long it takes. He is one of the most disgusting people I have ever read about and if I could get away with killing him, I would do it!

  49. Jessie says:

    This was a real video, he has done many of them and recently did one killing a drugged up man and dismembering him. The police have arrested him. The video of him killing the man is called “1 man 1 icepick”

  50. conner says:

    fuck you kid. whay kill cats take you to jail ass hole

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