New Zealand Police Department cat gains global fame after Facebook video goes viral

A laid-back cat at the Wellington District Police Department in New Zealand has attained global fame after her owner posted a video on the PD’s Facebook page. To date, the video has been viewed 870,000 times and has 6,300 comments.

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Tia (Photo courtesy Facebook New Zealand Police)

Constable Kerry Morrell and his cat Tia work in the crime office. Tia enjoys helping with the paperwork and is an excellent typist, according to Morrell.

Tia prefers walking around (as well as on top of things) in the office. She has a custom police vest and is taken on walks outside.  Morrell says she requires more breaks than the human officers and insists on a quick nap every half hour.

Note: Please be patient while this extra cute viral video loads (Facebook is slow)

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Tia replaced Constable Elliot (a guinea pig) and has been on the job a few months now. When not using her crime-fighting skills Tia sniffs out mice.

Not only has Tia made the news on blogs and private websites, and USA Today have also covered this beautiful feline. Hopefully, she won’t allow her instant fame to go to her head.

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