Newburgh middle school involved in a disturbing case of animal cruelty involving the torture of at least one cat

The city of Newburgh, New York made the news this week as police continue to investigate a disturbing case of animal cruelty involving the torture of at least one cat.

South Middle School
South Middle School (
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Students at South Middle School were sharing a video of the act of cruelty on Tuesday and was circulated on Wednesday. Principal Lisa Buon contacted police. She issued a statement on the schools Facebook page

“The video was not filmed on school grounds, however, it contained contents that were disturbing to many students. Building administrators, school counselors, and local police intervened to avoid further disruption and to process the contents of the video in a safe and understanding environment.

Please keep in mind, rumors are being intermingled with the truth. The district and the local police department are continuing to investigate this issue to determine what is true and what is a rumor. We will act as needed based on the outcome of our investigation.”

While gathering information for this article I did some digging into Newburgh and the amount of crime in the city. Take a look at the chart.

crime stats

With a population of under 30,000, Newburgh has been called the ‘murder capital of New York.’ Crime rates are extremely high and it’s not a good thing to find teens who are either being victimized by having the video pop up, of being responsible for the video or knowing who actually committed the abuse or helped film the video.

Police are gathering facts and hoping to speak with people who have seen the video and may know its source. Anyone with information is asked to contact City of Newburgh detectives at 569-7509.

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  1. Newburgh NY is a toilet. Part of the problem is the Manhattan transplants are coming in and driving the crime away from the waterfront. Gentrification is a huge problem in NYS since Mario Cuomo took office. The bad element are moving toward schools and middle class neighborhoods and terrifying people and animals. It’s the first city I’d ever heard of having a curfew back in the late 90’s. There’s been said to be as many gangs there as in Los Angeles. More animals and people are going to suffer. Oddly, West Point and a military base are there yet it changes nothing.


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