Nyan Cat Is A Chartreux

by Michael

Nyan Cat - Chartreux

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Nyan Cat - Chartreux

Yep the Nyan Cat is a Chartreux, a purebred grey cat from France. What the heck is "Nyan Cat". I have studied this internet oddity for a little while today and I am still not sure! LOL.

I seems to be a digitally created grey cat in a video, that I have said is a Chartreux or perhaps a blue Brit SH, that is attached to something that is flat (vacuum packed spiced salmon perhaps!!) with a rainbow trailing behind. The cat flies through the sky or space (there are stars being it). Any clearer to you!?

It is not just an odd digitally created grey cat but the music accompanying it. The music is repetitive and I think it originates in Japan as a Japanese pop song. Clearer?

It was a internet sensation in the form of a YouTube video getting 68 million hits (March 2012). The creator must have made someone some money in advertising attached to the video. My guess is he or she made tens of thousands of pounds (GBP). But of course there were arguments over copyright theft. That was bound to happen on YouTube and the internet. It can get horribly messy and when YouTube started it did not make provision for the endless amount of plagiarisms.

Just found the original video:

Boring? That got 68 million hits.

The actual history of how the video came about is excruciating to read. You can read about it on Wikipedia if you have a strong constitution. Sorry, I am being a grumpy old man.

My contribution is this. The cat in the real world would have been a Chartreux because (a) the cat is grey - blue in cat fancy language - and (b) the cat has a smile. The Chartreux is known for its smile and the smile distinguishes it from the blue British Shorthair.

Here is a Chartreux:

And here is a smiling feral cat that looks like a Chartreux:

I don't think anyone has made that comment before! Interested!?


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