O.J. Simpson speaks to his followers on Twitter about Betty White and his two Abyssinian cats

This is a Twitter video in which O.J. Simpson talks to his followers at the breaking of the New Year 2022. He wishes people a Happy New Year despite the Omicron variant of the Covid virus spreading very rapidly, albeit with milder symptoms. That’s the background but he was speaking about the days when he lived with a couple of Abyssinian cats. And his neighbour was Betty White.

It seems that they both lived at Brentwood, California at the time. She was a close neighbour actually. And O.J. Simpson liked to let his cats out into his backyard. He says that they were fascinated with the mockingbirds in his willow tree. His cats were called Bugsy and Sashi. Although OJ doesn’t say it, he implies that Abyssinian cats like to hunt. I think what he’s saying is that Abyssinian cats are active, perhaps a little bit more active than your typical domestic cat which is their reputation.

OJ Simpson speaks to his follows on Twitter about Betty White and his two Abyssinian cats

OJ Simpson speaks to his follows on Twitter about Betty White and his two Abyssinian cats. Screenshot.

This screenshot was taken from a video which you can see at the base of the page.

Bugsy went missing and OJ says that they were preparing lost cat posters in preparation to going around the neighbourhood looking for Bugsy. He unexpectedly got a phone call from Betty White to say that Bugsy was with her. Clearly, Betty White had O.J. Simpson’s phone number. They probably knew each other and were friendly with each other.

“OJ you’re looking for your kitten? He’s here at the house.” – Betty White in a call to OJ

And it (Bugsy’s disappearance) happened again. This prompted OJ to ask what was going on. He asked her whether she had catnip in her home although he was joking. And Betty’s response was that she’s sweet and she likes animals so they gravitate to her. Of course, she was completely correct. She was a devoted animal lover and well known for it.

“Oh you know, I’m so sweet, cats like me,” she replied.

Betty White with pet cat

Betty White with pet cat. Photo in public domain.

She said that she became an animal lover because her parents loved animals. Her father made radios and sold them for an income. If the customer couldn’t afford to pay for the radio, he accepted their dog as payment! I don’t think that could have happened often. Perhaps a few times or even one time. But Betty White’s parents acquired 15 dogs at one time. They had to work in shifts to look after them ?. Betty was surrounded by animals during her childhood and as she grew up. Those experiences together with her inherited character, led to her loving animals and turned her into an avowed animal advocate.

She said that she was fortunate in her work as an actress to be able to have the time to commit to animal welfare work. O.J. Simpson said that she was a very sweet woman. It is a description of her character which comes through over and over again in the news media.

She wasn’t just sweet but also very successful. I guess it shows you can be both at the same time. At the time O.J. Simpson was living in THAT house where THAT well-known crime took place. He got off in extraordinary circumstances (THAT glove comes to mind). It’s a crime which is etched into the American nation. It’s baggage that will never leave him.

But in the video, he is a charming man. I’m sure he is. And the liked or still likes cats. I’ve always said that if you genuinely like domestic cats you can’t be that bad and are probably a nice person. That’s because you have to have a certain amount of sensitivity towards animals to care for them properly and to enjoy their company. Normally, good behaviour follows a sensitive approach to the welfare of others including people.

Happy New Year from me too ?.

Note: This is an embedded tweet. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

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