Olivia Benson’s net worth of $97 million is PURE FICTION

There is a lot of talk online about Taylor Swift’s much loved Scottish cat, Olivia Benson, having a net worth of $97 million. This is obviously massive and far more than nearly every single person on the planet is worth including many rich people.

Olivia Benson
Olivia Benson. Picture is from Taylor Swift on Instagram.
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But how did they work out this gargantuan number? We don’t even know who actually worked it out or at least I’m not sure. And if we did know, could we find out how they did it?

No doubt Olivia Benson can make some money on Instagram by promoting products and she can be used in films perhaps and in advertising. But does this mean she’s worth $97 million?

And secondly, what does “net worth” mean? I can answer that one. It means the value of the assets owned by an individual or other legal entity less liabilities such as debts.

This is where it becomes very tricky to say that a cat has a net worth of $97 million because they can’t legally own anything! 🙄 And neither can cats have any debt. Cats can’t enter into a contract either. They can’t inherited money as a beneficiary. They can’t have any financial assets or liabilities so the enormous valuation of her NET WORTH is pure fiction.

It was worked out by trying to figure out how much she can earn through sponsorships and other ways to commercialise her connection to Taylor Swift but that isn’t the same thing. That is earning capacity not net worth.

Perhaps I’m being too serious but I think we need to question the people who like to bandy around these impressive figures which irritate some people because they know they can never get anywhere near that kind of earning capacity.

It’s a way of promoting Olivia Benson which in turn promotes Taylor Swift which in turn makes her even more dominantly successful as she is one of the very few people to be a dollar billionaire on the back of her music.

I have selected nine points as to why she’s so successful in an infographic, which you can have a look at if it interests you by clicking on this link!

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Some more

HELLO website says that Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson’s eye watering net worth is higher than that of her boyfriend Travis Kelce. They say that he has a net worth of $40 million at 2024 which is obviously less than half the so-called net worth of Olivia Benson. They also say that it is the website All about Cats which claims that Olivia Benson has this ridiculous net worth.

And HELLO tells us how this is wrong because they admit that the Benson’s net worth is based on a “hypothetical ability to earn money via Instagram accounts”. Like I said, that’s not net worth but earning capacity or earning potential.

This is something entirely different. It is hypothetical as they state whereas net worth is factual. It’s based on bricks and mortar and bank accounts.

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