Paulchen Panther, possibly an Oriental Mix?

by Patricia

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Hi there, I adopted Paulchen last year from his rescuer (she developed a very bad type of cat allergy). She took him in after his mother died in a car accident in front of the house.

As this is Spain, do not wonder why cats are having their kitties on patios. However, all kitties were adopted by people living there. According to his rescuer, the mom was a normal European cat, but his brothers and sisters did look different.

As it is perfectly possible that they have different dadies, that is not a miracle. Well, Paulchen was startling me because he didn´t stop growing til today (his 1st birthday was last week) and he is growing in length and height.

The shape of his body, his very long tail, the shape of the head, nose, eyes etc. is so different to all my other cats (7 more all adopted from the Spanish streets), that I began wondering what breed his father might have been.

He has a very sleek single coat, did not shed when the others did, and has a strong voice, is absolutely gentle and full of energy.

I will attach 3 fotos, the profile is at the age of 5 months, the other two at the age of 1 year.

I would be glad to hear your opinion.
Could you tell at what age they stop growing and what are the typical dimensions of a male Oriental Shorthair? Are there any typical weak points of that breed, just to be aware of it?

Many thanks in advance!


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Paulchen Panther, possibly an Oriental Mix?

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Aug 12, 2011
Still growing...
by: Patricia

2 weeks after his 1st birthday Paulchen is still growing. His tail is now 34cm long, the rest of his body to the tip of the nose some 58cm.That means 2cm more for the tail and 4cm more for the body.

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