PETA offers to help the woman who abandons kittens in onion bags at Whole Foods store

Do you remember the strange habit that this anonymous Asian woman has of abandoning kittens in onion bags outside the Whole Foods store in Metuchen, NJ, USA? No you don’t! Well there is a woman who does it and you can read about her by clicking on this link. She left notes with the kittens such as:

“Please take free baby cat to your home.”

Two kittens a time in these bags
Two kittens a time in these bags
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It caused consternation among cat lovers and animal advocates because there are obviously better ways of dealing with unwanted kittens such as taking them to a shelter for adoption.

Well PETA has come forward to help by offering the woman free and discrete spaying and neutering of the cat or cats owned by the woman who is creating the kittens. The production line of kittens needs to stop. PETA will not disclose the woman’s identity, they said, which is helpful.

The woman has done it at least four times this year and once at a Petsmart store where she was captured on security cameras.

To an observer it appears that she owns breeding cats who are creating kittens. Rather than spaying and neutering the adult cats she has decided to try and informally re-home their offspring.

It may be the case that her religion forbids or she believes that it forbids her spaying and neutering her cats. I have a Buddhist friend who tells me that they are against neutering cats. There are a quarter of a million Buddhists in China.

My friend believes that if you spay and neuter cats you will be reincarnated as a mouse! 🙂

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