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Petting Cat at Base of Tail — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve tried to use this strategy to get my cat to raise up so I can inspect her anal region, but it doesn’t work.
    She was neutered when she was over a year old, after having had a litter, as a feral.

  2. On the flip-side, cats will react to being scratched at the base of the tail if they can not reach that spot themselves and may have fleas or dermatitis. Eva-

  3. If you watch cats mating, you’ll notice the male often treads the females rump to get her to raise her rump and move her tail (“presenting themselves” to their suitor). There is a reflex action here and because both male and female cats have the same instincts/basic behaviours wired in, both males and female will react to petting the base of their tail.

    • Even that flat spot? I am surprised. All my cats have shown sensitivity to varying degrees to that spot. Thanks Sandy.

    • I think it depends on the individual cat. I have known some who go into the females’ mating stance, some who rub everything near and others who don’t react at all. My current kitty was neutered at 7 months before reaching sexual maturity. He just recently started slightly raising his rump when I run my hand down his back. Maybe the reaction is related to the age the cat is fixed?

      • that might be it, my cats a year and a half and was neutered at a year but he only recently started responding to that, usually by laying down foe his tummy to be rubber lol

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