Picture of a Sphynx cat hybrid (half hairless cat)

This is a picture of a Sphynx cat hybrid by which I mean a hairless cat crossed with a normal domestic cat, probably a random bred cat. The cat lives in Russia. I believe the cat is a rescue cat.

The interesting thing is that the cat’s body is half covered with fur and half not. It’s as if in being a hairless cat hybrid nature has decided that the cat’s appearance should reflect that state exactly: half the body should have a coat while the other half should be hairless.

Another interesting aspect is that the cat’s fur looks somewhat like the fur of a Rex cat. These are cats with a curly coat. There is almost certainly a genetic connection between hairless cats, Rex type cats and this cat’s coat. The gene that creates the hairless coat is a variant of the gene that creates the Devon Rex coat.

The cat’s face is the face of a Sphynx cat. They frequently have this slightly severe frowning appearance and you can see that in this cat. Her name, by the way, is Simina. She is said to have a slightly fractious personality. However, I don’t think this is significant. Perhaps her upbringing caused this. Sphynx cats are considered intelligent. This may have a bearing on the personality.


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  1. Wow. I have never seen a Sphynx cat hybrid. I wonder if she has any unusual health problems resulting from the cross breeding.😢💜💜🐾


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