Hybrid Cats — 6 Comments

  1. I did not see the picture off my cat? Is hybrids and breeds cat.I think she is from Thailand,and other place.This cat have a peculiar part ,by her stomach looks like ,she have a double fat but is not, I weill to see a picture of her.Very good pictures and everything well explicable.I like the way you show to the lectors .bye and thank you very much for such information.

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  3. I am trying to find out what kind of breed my female cat is. I know we have an orange tabby and they had 1 litter of kittens and the ones we kept look like a gray tabby with calaco markings. The other 1 look like a white cat with and orange stripped tail with blue eyes. The momma cat looks like a calaco but all black. Can some one help me please?

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