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Picture of an obese Sphynx cat looks like a plush toy — 9 Comments

  1. This cat makes me want to cry. Sphynx have a high metabolism, so the fact it’s owner intentionally made it fat is animal cruelty. I hope that this cat has some medical issue that has contributed to its size, and that it’s owner is doing everything to keep it healthy, but intentional pet obesity for the sake of something as stupid and petty as internet fame should be illegal, and if that’s truly the case, someone needs to take this cat away and put it in the home of someone responsible! We already have enough people breeding animals for unethical reasons, with no care to the animals health or well being. We have shelters full of neglected and dumped animals, many due to fads and poorly thought impulse purchases like Christmas and Easter. Please, for the sake of these animals, when will this sort of madness end?!!

  2. I’ve had a few overweight cats and I believe like people some are just made to be fat. My Tony Soprano was big and fat when he was dumped out here. He really doesn’t eat much and yet he’s still a big guy and after I neutered him he got a little bigger. I do feed treats and when I feed wet food he doesn’t get any. I feed indoor food that’s suppose to help them not get fat but yet Tony is still fat.

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