Pet insurers are turning down claims because the companion animal is obese

Financial Services Ombudsman finds that pet insurers have wrongfully turned down insurance claims on the basis that the pet is obese

UK: Back in April 2018 there was a news media story about the need for pet owners to watch the weight of the companion animals because insurers were refusing to pay out on the basis that the animals were obese and the injury or illness claimed for was caused by the obesity. At that …

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Cat and dog owners tend to underestimate the weight of their obese companion animals

Obese people and obese cats

I have just written an article about an obesity epidemic among people in Great Britain and I tied that sad information in with a well-known obesity epidemic among domestic cats in Britain. And while searching for that article I bumped into a study which was published in December 2023. It is, therefore, a recent …

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A good example of domestic cat exploitation on TikTok showing a grossly obese cat

Gross obesity in a domestic cat

To the best of my knowledge, TikTok is infamous for featuring animal exploitation videos. By this I mean animals such as this ginger tabby domestic cat who is being exploited by their owner who makes a ‘funny cat video’ (not so funny for me) out of his gross obesity. This is irresponsible cat ownership. …

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How do you define cat obesity and human obesity?

2022 - the world's most obese domestic cat

The definition for obesity if different for cats and people. Surprisingly for domestic cats ‘obesity’ is defined as ‘greater than 15% above an ideal weight’. Not much above an ideal weight which is why a lot of domestic cats fall into the obese category. Obesity is the ‘most prevalent nutritional problem in pets in …

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How does obesity affect cats?

The question in the title is current as according to VCA Hospitals in the United States, almost 60% of domestic cats in that country are overweight. There is a domestic cat overweight problem in the UK as well.  A domestic cat is considered overweight when they weigh 10-20% more than their ideal body weight, …

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There is no such thing as a fat cat any more. Okay!?

Obese tabby cat

British citizens and citizens of other countries may have recognised the latest developments in the woke movement. It concerns sensitivity readers who edit out non-woke words from already published books and books to be published in partnership with the author. There has been a big discussion about it because it corrals the freedoms of …

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