‘Kimbo’ another underexercised and obese pet caracal who overeats because he is bored

Kimbo is obese and obesity brings many health problems

Kimbo is another pet caracal – an exotic pet. They are popular on social media platforms. Sometimes I think people purchase a pet caracal so that they can become a celebrity on social media through their cat’s celebrity. See vicarious celebrity, In fact, I’m sure this is what is happening. The only pet caracals …

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Does Cara Delevingne own cats?

Picture on Instagram which compares Cara Delevingne's nose with the nose of one of her Persian cats in a stark comparison. Cara lives with two Persian cats at the moment. I have presumed that she has adopted these cats and is not fostering them!

Yes, Cara Delevingne does own a couple of cats and they happen to be contemporary, flat-faced white Persians. They look quite cute too many people but when you look at the photograph below you can see one obvious health problem which is tear duct overflow causing staining down the face from the inner corner …

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Stepan is a celebrity Ukrainian blogging cat and influencer from Kharkiv

Stephan surrounded by decorative pillows which are for sale at his online store.

Stepan in a remarkable cat in many ways. He appears to be a very passive, well-behaved tabby cat. He is completely normal and standard looking in terms of his appearance but his background, his history and his past lifestyle is far from normal. He comes from Kharkiv, Ukraine and that city was heavily shelled …

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4 brands dump Aussie influencer, Emma Claiir, after she admitted killing two cats when a child

Emma Claiir admits killing 2 cats as a child

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story illustrates how brands rapidly distance themselves from any partner with whom they work who’s been involved in animal abuse. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether it happened many years ago when the person was very young. Animal abuse is a no-no for businesses who use Instagram influencers to …

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Demi Moore poses in an itty-bitty leopard print bikini with her itty-bitty Chihuahua

Demi Moore and Pilaf

Demi Moore thinks that her Chihuahua, Pilaf, is very close to the world’s shortest dog record. She measures her sweet little dog using a $100 bill as you can see in the photograph. Celebrities like toy dogs as they can are able to accessorize their appearance with a cute pet. They can put their …

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Weird baby-faced, Russian dwarf Instagram star who loves cats and abuses them

Hasbulla Magomedov with his Scottish Fold type cat

NEWS AND OPINION: I don’t think you can get anything weirder than this in respect of a person’s relationship with their cat both in terms of the person looking extraordinary and the fact that he professes to love cats but hits his cat. Like I said, it’s weird. And it is tiresome really to …

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