Picture of another huge and long Maine Coon

There are many Maine Coons this size. It is a size which is a lot larger than the normal even for Maine Coons. Although I have noticed that the person carrying the cat is very short. Look at the person’s height compared to the height of the kitchen counter tops. Scaling is important in determining size. Photos can be deceiving.

Another very large Maine Coon
Another very large Maine Coon. Photo: unattributed. I have improved the image quality using Photoshop Elements.
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It seems that breeders are going out of their way to create the biggest as they are very popular. These Maine Coons are large but they look larger than they are. They look as large as a lynx – a medium-sized wild cat species – but are in fact much lighter because they lack bulk and heft. The Maine Coon is more long than large and their fur tends to hide the slender body conformation. The longest domesic cat is a Maine Coon unsurprisingly.

The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed. We know that by now thanks to a page I wrote more than 10 years ago. It looks to me that the picture as taken in America but Russians in Russia are keen on Maine Coons too. There are some amazing Russian breeders of this popular cat.


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