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Picture of “King” the cat who was kicked (with update) — 30 Comments

    • You are only a human but from my standpoint you are subhuman. You are a nasty individual and I’d like to give you a good kicking see how you like it.

  1. Poor little soul, give the POCers 10 minutes with the “alleged” criminal and he would soon learn what it’s like to be on the wrong end of violence.

  2. Reminds me of the founder of my current cat “furmily.” Same colouring, build, and eyes. He took a month to be visible, and 6 to accept pats routinely. At 9, he has forgotten anything ever went wrong and is a cuddly, gentle giant. Though still timid of humans, he is no longer a scared fellow, but happy and secure. Wishing the same and better for King!

  3. poor wee cat yea i dont think he will trust easily and may be afraid of abit more. I think its horrible what happended to him for starts the fact that the guy went up to him and tried to pat him then did that horrible abuse. Just so sad. I hope someone can find him a secure home.

  4. I just want to hold King and whisper to him that not every human is as cruel as that yob, because he will find it hard to trust anyone new now. I hope he gets a good home with a kind and understanding family.

    • Yeah that’s my biggest concern – that he will never trust again.


      I think in the end it will be more like that he doesn’t trust young men – he will see that older humans are more gentle.

      But it may be a long time before he trusts. I hope he is happy. That’s all.

      • Poor little Chester (the kitten yobs dumped in oil here) doesn’t trust anyone apart from Marion and her family, cats never forget cruelty.
        I’d like to do the same to cat abusers as they do to the cats, I really would!

    • You and I are helpless – more spectators – in terms of helping unless there is a petition somewhere that petitions for a heavy sentence for the perpetrator after conviction.

  5. Why does he have an IV in his left paw? Is that specifically for infection that occurred? or does he continue to need an IV? i HATE THIS LOSER OF A MAN!

    • I love the care that people throw at King but what about the hundreds of thousands of others who are euthanised and forgotten? It is a bit odd don’t you think? It is a bit 2 faced of humankind.

  6. He is so handsome. I hope that he continues to do well. I only wish that there were harsher penalties for people who hurt animals.

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