Picture of vampire cat bite

Cat bite

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You can see the two canines top and bottom. The bite was almost to the bone. It did not become infected. It hurt. There are four main puncture wounds with two lesser holes. I am not sure how the lesser wounds were inflicted. There was one bite. The picture was taken a week after the bite. There was lots of blood.

Note: I have trained my cat to not bite my legs or feet. It has been 99% successful. Alas not 100%.

6 thoughts on “Picture of vampire cat bite”

  1. Lots of domesticated animals bite people and aren’t immediately put down, including dogs. In fact, there’s such a “save the dog” faction in this country pertaining to pit bull dogs based on the claim “it’s how they’re raised” and that they’re infairly picked on in the first place. People go to extremes to save pit bulls even after they’ve mauled or killed people, so give me a break. And those people are just as ridiculous as you who troll the news for any chance to dump on cats. Your statement has no merit regarding public policy in shelters either. If a shelter catches wind or rumor that a surrendered or found cat bit someone, that is indeed a death sentence in my experience. Again, even domestics like horses, goats, pigs?, cows?, turtles, rabbits, you name it, have the occasion to bite or nip someone, probably for adequate reason. They can’t file a complaint with anyone so that’s their only communication sometimes. It’s how things work in this planet. To bitch that not enough cats are put down because too many of them bite and not enough people report them or whatever… what’s your problem aside from your hate for cats? You have zero evidence of any of that too… just your feelings.

  2. If a dog did this to its owner the dog would be put-down. No questions asked. This is how any species is “domesticated” in the very first place. Keep alive those genetics which are beneficial to humans, destroy those genetics which are harmful to humans. I fail to understand why cat people tolerate these behaviors from an animal, the very same behaviors that all other people dealing with all other domesticated species won’t tolerate in a heart-beat. My guess is that they are deeply disturbed masochists. I can only hope you get a visitor one day and this happens to them too, and that they have a really good lawyer. They’ll take you for everything.

  3. The depth of those puncture wounds definitely look painful Michael. I have only experienced one infection over fifteen years ago that required treatment. I cannot remember whether I was bitten or scratched while playing with my cat. There was only a tiny wound near my wrist, but the swelling and redness moving up my arm prompted me to seek treatment.😬


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