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Rampant flouting of Facebook rules prohibiting the selling of cats — 4 Comments

  1. Also this is happening on the Watertown,NY Buy,Sell & Trade pages and I’ve been slammed for telling people to stop breeding just so they can make money and they are not even pure breds.

  2. How are ads for adopting cats any different? Seems to me, many of your contributors here can be instantly shut-down on their facebook pages for their ads to “adopt” cats. Adopters still have to pay fees, like any “buyer” of cats. So much for your cyber-love-fest with your manipulative and psychotic Joyce Sammons. Kiss all her cyberbullying pages goodbye. Thanks for the info on how to make her disappear from facebook, forever. LOL

  3. In the US many states have statutes that can be applied in civil court regarding the sale of purebred animals. However most require returning the animal to the abuser/breeder. I believe that stops many in their tracks.

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