Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned

Lion and tiger cubs are best buddies

‘Tigers for sale’ is a phrase that I do not want to read when it concerns private sales from unscrupulous traders selling to naive customers. This page is not about inter-zoo sales which are bad enough. Humankind should not be trading tigers online. It should be entirely banned across the globe. Sadly, that is …

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Window shopping for kittens online on social media

There is an upward trend in what is described as “window shopping” of kittens and puppies online on social media. This development is in line with a throwaway culture of pet ownership and it is worrying for people concerned with animal welfare. Bosses at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home say that kittens and puppies …

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Instagram: photo-sharing to animal-selling

Instagram is meant to be a website where people share photos with ease. It is an extension of Facebook where you share words (and photos). Coming, as I have, from a different generation to modern man but still being relatively young in mind, I think there is too much of what I would call …

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Front lined and Panacur’d

Selling kittens and cats on Gumtree needs to stop. Have you seen the phrase “front lined and Panacur’d” before? Well, I hadn’t until today when I visited Gumtree, a British website which is a bit like Craigslist in the USA. Well, in case you didn’t guess, “front lined and Panacur’d” refers to applying the …

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