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Relocating Feral Cats — 9 Comments

  1. So glad yu banned that most ignorant person. Where there’s a wi there’s a way. I just trapped a mom and 2 kittens. She is not part of colony. The babes are about 6 weeks old and can be adopted out. My local cat rescue and TNR program if mom too ferrel to relocate her to barn where I foster abandoned horse. Live on main road. Not safe. Confused… No consistency bout how long need to keep her in cage before release. Week? 2? Month? Plz advise. Thanks

  2. Cats that are relocated NEVER stay where they have been dumped. Why do you think you read all those news reports of cats traveling hundreds of miles to get back to where they originated from?

    And as they travel cross-country to get there, you are only adding to the cat-shooting quotas of everyone who lives rural.

    A relocated cat that is allowed to roam free becomes a dead cat.

  3. Wow!
    Don’t know how I missed this article.
    Must’ve been during my lengthy TNR period.
    I helped move a pretty big colony once (not mine), and it was quite an undertaking. It took a lot of coordinating and many hands to accomplish, because it is best to do the entire colony in one move if possible.

    • This article was written a long time ago. The date on it is incorrect because that date is the date of transfer to a new server. When you get time it would be nice if you could write a short article about your experiences on relocating a feral cat colony.

      • On my list, Michael.
        Will do at some point.
        Super busy next couple of months with the vaccinations.

        But, it was a horrific 2 days of no sleep, keeping trapped ferals safe (we divvied them up among us as they were caught) and housed them until one smooth move was ready to make. I’ll never forget it and learned so much.

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