Rescue cat with interesting appearance looks like Steve Buscemi

‘Marla Hooch’ was a long-term feline resident of an animal shelter until she was adopted by Jen Chavez. She has an interesting appearance which just happens to look a little bit (or a lot!) like Steve Buscemi, the American actor and director who has starred in many films including Reservoir Dogs in which he played Mr Pink. Maybe Marla should be called Mrs Pink?

Steve Buscemi Cat
Steve Buscemi Cat. Photos: Marla – Credit: Jam Press. Buscemi – in public domain.
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It is also interesting that Marla had spent no less than two years at an animal shelter before being adopted by Jen which may have been due to her unusual appearance. Marla had been at the shelter since she was two days of age which is remarkable. It goes to show, though, that an unusual appearance for a feline can be advantageous in the era of social media feline celebrity.

Jen admits that Marla has a strange face (it isn’t that strange) but she decided that she would fit nicely into family life at her home. She was looking for a new cat companion after losing her previous cat. When Jen met Marla at the animal shelter she was shy but sweet. The shelter employees were protective of her.

Jen was told, in fact, by the shelter staff that Marla had been likened to the Hollywood actor which she found hilarious. Marla has been living with Marla for five years now, together with her husband, their three boys and three other rescue cats who are called Ferret, Hank and Willy, who is a one eyed cat.

It is unsurprising to note that Marla, who has been labelled the ‘Steve Buscemi Cat’, has 9,000 followers on Facebook. Marla is a well loved cat in what appears to be a nice home.

Coat Type

As the her coat type, she has a Van-type coat. In fact, I would say that her appearance, being nearly all-white with the dark markings between the ears, is of a classic Mediterranean cat. You see this sort of coat type a lot around the Mediterranean Sea.

Van cats, by which I mean Turkish Van cats in Turkey, have this dark inverted ‘V’ marking on the forehead and between the ears. Marla’s version of this coat is not quite perfect but it definitely indicates that she may have some Turkish Van genes in her.

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