Review: Purina LiveClear Allergen Reducing Sterilised Adult Turkey cat food

This is a review of Purina® LiveClear® Allergen Reducing Sterilised Adult Turkey cat food. I’ve read that it “contains antibodies to Fel D1 which bind to the allergen preventing it from triggering an allergic response in cat allergen sensitised people” (my words). Click here if you’d like to read an earlier article. How effective is it per customers who’ve bought and used it?

Purina allergy to cats reducing dry cat food
Purina® allergy to cats reducing dry cat food
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One Reddit user (Ilbkaro) loves it:

” I use Purina Liveclear and it works!!!! Dander and saliva is DOWN and if you can get some Allerpet spray (on amazon) and spritz your kitty down a bit when you comb them. I can shove my face into cats and NOT SNIFFLE…”

It’s been around for a short while so there aren’t many reviews and feedback from purchasers. Also, as far as I can tell, it is not yet available on Amazon. A caveat is that reviews aren’t always that accurate and can be misleading. With that said, the reviews are positive.

There is one thing which is certain about this cat food; the cats love it. As to the allergen reducing effect; the people who’ve bought it are still assessing it according to their reviews, but overall they are positive. So the general ‘mood music’ is good. It appears to be working as an allergen reducer as stated. I guess it has to work because it’s whole raison d’être is that it helps people with an allergy to live with their cats. If it didn’t work over the medium to long term this food wouldn’t be marketable.

Example reviews

There are sixteen reviews on the Purina website where it gets a 4.7 out of five. On Pets at Home (a UK pet supplier) it has achieved 5 stars from 46 reviews which is very good. Here is an example of the comments in the reviews:

“Unsurprisingly, he loves it. Surprisingly, it does seem to have helped with my cat allergies, I normally have to stay away from my cat, especially at this time of year but I have been noticing more of a positive impact the longer I have been using this food..”

“A great product. The girls really enjoyed this food and my daughter hasn’t sneezed in days from her allergies.”


This is a Purina video, please note:

Note: embedded videos such as this one sometimes stop working. If that has happened I apologise.

Two downsides?

There are two things about it which I’m not sure about. It is expensive, perhaps too expensive for many people and it looks like it is considerably more expensive than standard dry cat food. I’m not sure they can justify the price. Perhaps it is due to the research needed to create it. Secondly, the pellets are small and it is my belief that dry cat food pellets shouldn’t be small because domestic cats tend to swallow rather than chew them. This may be a health issue.

Dry cat food vomit
Small pelleted dry cat food caused by cat to vomit – this is not the Purina food under review on this page. This was years ago. Image: PoC.

I favour the oral care dry cat foods because the pellets are necessarily much larger. Cats have to chew on them which helps to clean their teeth and protect the teeth/gums line. I would hope that Purina would make these pellets a bit larger in the future. I can’t see any reason why all dry cat food can’t be sold with larger size pellets. What’s the point of having a small pallet? Is there an advantage that I have not spotted?


If you are allergic to cats, give Purina LIVE CLEAR Allergen Reducing Sterilised Adult Turkey cat food or the salmon variety a try. If you do please report back with a comment. It would be great if you did.

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