Cat food is ultra-processed. This kind of food risks diabetes, cancer and depression in people

Does ultra-processed dry cat food cause health problems that have not been properly investigated such as diabetes and cancer

I’m going to suggest a potential link between the ultra-processed dry cat food that we give cats and certain health issues in cats. This link is rarely discussed. However, in The Times today there is a report about how ultra-processed foods raises the risk of cancer, diabetes and depression in people. The physiology of …

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Are plant proteins as good as animal proteins for cats?

Are plant proteins as good as animal proteins in respect of domestic cats?

The answer to the question in the title is YES but please read the article and feel free to chip in especially if you are an expert nutritionist. Comments are welcome. Compared to animal proteins, it is said that some plant proteins are incomplete in terms of amino acids and when we talk about …

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WARNING about feeding your cat a vegan diet

Cat are obligate carnivores and a straight vegan diet will harm the cat

Following the publication of a study about the health benefits of a vegan diet for domestic cats, the news media have jumped on the bandwagon and published headlines which I fear will be misleading to many people. I have written about this study which you can read by clicking on this link. It’s not …

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Working out the protein content of wet and dry cat food for comparison (infographic)

Protein content of wet versus dry cat food comparison

I am happy with this infographic which I hope explains in a clear way how to compare the protein content of wet and dry cat foods. It can be puzzling. The protein content is important as protein is the most important nutrient in cat food. From time to time a cat caregiver might want …

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No wet cat food waste (infographic)

Empty bowl under a no waste wet cat food regime

Do you aspire to that cat caregiving utopian ideal of no wet food waste left in the bowl after a feeding or even after five feedings? Well, I’ve achieved it. I’m boasting but I’ve done it through precision feeding. The Infographic explains the MO but I will add a few words. There are perhaps …

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5 things you can do to take care of your cat’s teeth

Proactive measures to help your cat maintain good oral health

Any cat caregiver who is switched on to high quality cat caregiving knows that oral health is a major problem for domestic cats. It’s really quite hard to ensure that a cat maintains good oral health. Normally, we don’t brush their teeth and the kind of food we give them can sometimes help promote …

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How do I know if I’m feeding my cat good quality dry cat food?

Cat in dry cat food

High quality dry cat food results in a cat pooping ‘normally’ in the cat litter box whereas low quality dry food can lead to poor quality, smelly poop and frequent pooping (see below for more details). This diagnostic method requires the use of a litter tray which is not always available to owners of …

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