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Are dry cat food pellets too small? — 11 Comments

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  6. Are you aware of any “natural” dry food that does not contain grain or gluten, and that comes in large pieces, rather than tiny, round pellets? The problem with these is that they are “inhaled” without chewing, and then, when the cat takes a drink of water, they expand in his stomach and cause him to throw up. I have 2 cats for whom this is the case. The only dry food that comes in bits that are large enough that they must be chewed are low-quality foods, such as Meow Mix, Friskies, etc.

  7. My point is that it is not widely known or stated and is a bit hard to find references to it. I don’t remember seeing any debate about raw versus cooked meats making any reference to taurine being destroyed by cooking. That comment was before I received POC postings regularly. Many thanks.
    This taurine issue is rather like doctors and nutritionist saying you don’t need vitamin supplements. You just need a balanced diet without saying what constitutes a balanced diet or if it is available or affordable. This results in the serious vitamin C deficiency in North European’s diet causing all kinds of long term health problems. Most of the Brits newly arrived in Cyprus look bloody awful! Pimply skin, pasty complexion, half of them have arthritis and heart problems, from their vitamin-free starchy diet. They are not given the right information.

  8. Hi Michael. You raise some very interesting points. Is the size of the pellets the optimum for cat’s bearing in mind the size does vary from make to make but not much. I suppose this is similar to small insects like beetles that have kept many a wildcat or feral cat alive until something better came along. It’s just as well that many cats just hoover-up the small pellets because I notice that when my cats chew on them they split up and fly in all directions making a mess and wasting food. This I think is because they give the hard pellets the same treatment as insects. the shaking disables the insect long enough to lessen the risk of being bitten. These hot summer days they get a least 50% of their food soaked in a variety of tasty gravies. This ensures they get enough water and I don’t see fragments of dry food scattered all around. I have just learned something important about taurine. On most sites that cover the need for taurine in a cat’s diet I never see the mention that cooking destroys this important nutrient. It is vital to know this. I now only lightly boil their chicken liver to preserve the taurine, but they now get chopped raw chicken hearts which is by far the best source of taurine along with chicken thighs. I suspect that liver is a more likely source of bacteria and parasites than hearts but I would sure love to learn more from anyone in the know. I have no idea if the claimed level of taurine in dry food is correct, or enough.

  9. I think you are right Michael, dry cat food isn’t really very good for cats.
    Also I think it’s quite addictive because at one time we stopped buying any, our cats don’t really need it as they get plenty of wet food, but they searched around for it and the vet said a little bit would be good for Jo’s sensitive stomach.
    Bigger biscuits would be dog sized I suppose and maybe too much for cats mouths to cope with.

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