Bugs, larvae, and something horrible in Purina dog and cat food (infographic)

Bugs in Purina dog food and something horrible in cat food

My Twitter buddy, “Cassandra Wants Claws” retweeted some shocking images of Purina cat and dog food which I think needs to be mentioned on this website. The pictures are grisly, some might say horrific. This is dry dog food contaminated with live insects, larvae and other bugs. One picture shows what appears to be …

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Purina’s ‘Felix As Good As It Looks’ cat food allegedly making cats very ill

Mr Blue fell ill but was it connected to food

A lot of people think that a change in recipe of Purina’s Felix As Good As It Looks in March 2021 has resulted in cats becoming sick with vomiting, kidney issues and lethargy. Purina say that the only change they made in the recipe was to remove added colours and they say that every …

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Review: Purina LiveClear Allergen Reducing Sterilised Adult Turkey cat food

Purina allergy to cats reducing dry cat food

This is a review of Purina® LiveClear® Allergen Reducing Sterilised Adult Turkey cat food. I’ve read that it “contains antibodies to Fel D1 which bind to the allergen preventing it from triggering an allergic response in cat allergen sensitised people” (my words). Click here if you’d like to read an earlier article. How effective …

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Purina Purple Leash Project and RedRover team up to help victims of domestic violence

The statistics are scary. Domestic violence has increased since the COVID19 quarantine has forced abusers and victims to share the same space, often with deadly results. 11 Alive News reported statistics from the Atlanta, Georgia police department showing domestic violence crimes are up 42% while other crimes such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, aggravated assault, …

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On the shelves in April: cat food which stops you being allergic to your cat

Purina LiveClear cat food to prevent people being allergic to their cats

In Pro Plan LiveClear, Purina has presented what they consider to be a breakthrough in helping people who are allergic to cats. It is estimated that about one in five people are allergic to domestic cats and many are prevented from adopting a cat because of their allergy. Others suffer from a cat allergy …

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Allegedly some cats eat the pellets of the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System

This information may have been superseded by further events. It’s rather strange but some people have asked why the Cat Breeze litter system was discontinued. As far as I am aware it has not been discontinued. However, if you dig around on Amazon checking out the reviews you will find that there is a …

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