Rotate Super Premium Cat Food

Rotate Super Premium Cat Food

by Janieray
(Indianapolis, IN USA)

I have found that both my dogs and cats do better when I rotate through different brands of super premium foods.

My holistic veterinarian started me on this path. He said that no manufactured food is perfect, there are pluses and minuses to each one, so switching periodically minimizes long term exposure to the minuses.

I have found that knowing the calories per cup of food equals less food needed per serving - this makes for less litter box clean up, and easier puppy training.

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Rotate Super Premium Cat Food

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Mar 24, 2011 my moggie cat ; Soupey
by: Janieray

I have never heard the term Moggy cat before. Here in the States, we call them Domestic Short Hairs, or more commonly, alley cats. My Moggy is named Soupey - which is short for "Soup Kitchen Kitty" - she was found starving out side of a mini-mart begging for hot dogs.

She is very loving and the resident expert in puppy training as she doesn't tolerate any antics in the house. She is a special kitty for sure, and I will post a photo of her soon; she is beautiful too.

Mar 24, 2011 Sensible
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I have always thought that variety is sensible both for the reasons that you state and for the sake of interest. Cats like a bit of variety. It is natural.

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